Chicken soup helps prevent colds

Due to the fickleness of the weather, the number of people suffering from colds has soared. Patients in hospitals are often treated with fever and fever. Is there an effective way to prevent colds? In addition to timely increase and decrease of clothes, proper exercise to improve resistance, takin-----!

Dry Sausage Fermented Chicken

In recent years, the technique of raising chickens in dry-sweeping fermentation beds has attracted more attention and has been widely used. Beijing Jinhua Kangyuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. researched and developed the technology of Jinbao dry-sauce fermentation bed chicken raising, which sh-----!

Four "taboos" for women's diet

1. Do not eat too much fat In general, women need to control total calorie intake, reduce fat intake, and eat less fried foods to prevent overweight and obesity. The standard for fat intake should be 20% to 25% of total calories, but many women now exceed 30%. If too much fat is taken in, it will-----!