Wheat: good weeding before winter

At present, many farmers are accustomed to the chemical weeding of wheat fields in the spring, and practice has shown that the best weeds are chemical weeding in wheat fields before winter. The advantages of chemical weeding before winter are: 1. Save pesticides. Smaller wheat seedlings before wi-----!

Biogas fermentation method and function

Biogas fermentation is the decomposition of organic materials, such as crop straw, weeds, human and animal waste, garbage, sludge, and municipal sewage, and industrial organic wastewater, under anaerobic conditions. The process of eventually producing biogas. Biogas fermentation is a process in wh-----!

Baby winter diet list

Top spot: rich in protein, carbohydrates and fats and food In winter, because of the cold weather, in order to enhance cold resistance, our body will automatically increase the secretion of thyroxine and epinephrine to promote and accelerate the decomposition of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, a-----!