Six Benefits of Eating Apples to Prevent Diseases

Benefit one: ease asthma Japanese researchers found that the apigenin, an antioxidant rich in apples, can relieve asthma and other allergic symptoms. In addition to apples, apigenin is also found in beans, cauliflower, grapes, and onions. Benefit two: reduce heart disease Eating apples can hel-----!

How can the timely mating of sows be done well?

The timely mating of sows not only can prevent the sow from being missed, but also can increase the fertility of the sow, and thus increase the economic benefits of raising pigs. Here to talk about how to do a timely job breeding sows for reference. 1, initial match age and inducement. Sows with 10-----!

Cow breeding technology

First, the breeding of dairy cows In order to enable the cow to reproduce normally, it is necessary to understand the reproductive physiology of the cows and to conduct scientific feeding and management of the cows in the production practice so as to ensure the normal estrus and breeding of the c-----!

The difference between healthy and sick chicks

1, appearance The healthy chicks had neat, clean and shiny hair; the abdomen was flat and soft; there were no bleeding marks on the umbilicus and they were well-cure, tight and dry with villous coverage; the sick fluff was filthy, lacking in luster; the abdomen was enlarged and slack, and the umb-----!