Experience in using air-suction precision seed drill

Due to the characteristics of low seeding point, flat seed bed, uniform seed distribution, uniform seed depth, and neat seedling, which are in line with agronomic requirements, air-suction precision seed drills are becoming more and more popular. By replacing the different seed trays and the s

Use of feed whey powder

The whey powder used in sucker feed is generally high protein whey powder containing 65% to 75% lactose and approximately 12% crude protein, and also has low protein milk containing 75% to 80% lactose and approximately 3% crude protein. Clear powder or protein whey powder. In piglet diets (6 k

"Danlu" brand microbial fertilizer

The "Danlu" brand microbial fertilizer was developed by a multi-disciplinary team of experts and developed over the years as a high-tech product. This product is based on natural resources rich in organic matter and crude protein, using a variety of high-efficiency strains, adopting

Crispy pearl chicken soft cans production process

The guinea fowl has a delicate flesh with a low fat content and delicious taste. It is a kind of broiler with wild game. Crispy guinea fowl soft cans processed with commercial guinea fowls can increase their economic value and enrich the canned meat market. The use of composite film packaging