Farmers pay attention to rabbits

1. To master the basic knowledge of rabbit breeding and market conditions: Raising and evacuation is also a science. Farmers engaged in raising rabbits must master the basic knowledge of raising rabbits, such as the construction of breeds, feed, rabbit houses and rabbit cages. According to mar

Pleurotus ostreatus harvesting and processing points

Harvesting: When the mushroom cover is fully expanded, the color gradually darkens from the depth, the concave part is white, and the hairy material begins to appear. When the spores have not been reflected, they can be harvested. When picking, because Pleurotus ostreatus is a cluster of m

Goldfish cage culture technology promotion

First, biological characteristics

The name of the golden mullet is O. lucidum (Trachitus ovatus), and its local names are Huanglao, Jinsong, Hongsan and Xun. Located in the tropical and temperate Atlantic coasts of the Indian Ocean, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, and the Americas and

How to prevent corn head smut

(1) Selection of disease-resistant varieties: There is a significant difference in resistance between the varieties to this disease. At present, the commonly used disease-resistant varieties are Zhongdan No.2, Zhongdan No.14, Zhongdan No.12, Liaodan No.18, Danyu No.13, Shandan No.9, Yuyu N

How much does the vacuum drying oven know?

Designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposable and oxidizable materials, the vacuum oven can be filled with inert gas, especially for complex materials. This product has the following characteristics:

1. Storage, heating, testing and drying are carried out in the absence of ox

Feed vinegar against rabbit stones

Because of the high levels of calcium in our feed (some farmers may not be able to add other minerals in a random manner according to the rabbit's needs), a large amount of grass is added, resulting in calcium in the feed and oxalic acid in the grass. The combination of calcium oxalate, wh

Feeding mixes for egg production

Egg-laying quail feed nutrition should be comprehensive, metabolic energy 1.15 ~ 1.17 megajoules per kilogram, crude protein content of 18%, and add trace elements and vitamins.

The feed formulation can use corn flour 53%, wheat flour 12%, bean cake 15%, fishmeal 10%, bone meal 2%,