Applying materials locally to prevent fruit rot

The onset cycle of rot disease:
It starts every summer. On the bark, a scaly natural fall was formed from the beginning of June; in the middle and early July, the tissue of the skin gradually discolored and died. Summer is the active growth period of apple trees. It is not an opportunity

Feeding dogs should be carefully selected

The breeding of meat dogs is a new breeding industry in recent years. With the improvement of people's living standards, the traditional livestock and poultry meat can no longer meet the people's food requirements, and various health foods and flavor foods are gradually welcomed by peo

Bamboo planting

The Bamboo Base in Taiwan, Yingde City, Guangdong Province, is one of the largest bases of Ma bamboo in China and one of the earliest domestic agricultural products imported from Taiwan. After ten years of development, it has become the best agricultural product in the country! 500 tons of edi

Autumn flowers entering the room should be timing

In autumn, the sunshine is getting weaker and the temperature is lower. In order to adapt the flowers to the changes in the weather, they should be invited to the room in time to prevent the flowers from suffering frost damage.

In general, it is appropriate to move the pot into the

Feed and feeding method of guppies

Saprolegniasis is also known as skin mildew or white feather disease. The prevailing season is mostly in the late spring and early summer. The water temperature is low and the rain and rain are continuous. The seedlings of the grazing carp are in the course of pulling out of the net or being t

The rule of the occurrence of wilt disease in melon

Fusarium wilt is an important disease of melon. It has a wide distribution and is seriously affected in some areas. It mainly occurs in the protected areas, and it is especially common in the planting greenhouses. The general incidence rate is 3%-5%, and serious greenhouse disease strains can

Use corn cob as feed for pigs

The corn cob contains 54.5% sugar, 2.2% crude protein, 0.4% crude fat, 29.7% crude fiber, and 1.2% minerals, and can be used as feed for pigs.
To use the corn cob as feed for pigs, use a pulverizer for processing and pulverization. The finer the powder, the better it is in powder form. Wh

Breeding Techniques of Big Bullskipper

Boleophthalmuspectinirostris is classified as a scorpion-shaped fish, and it is commonly known as jumping fish. Bullockfish are often sold as live fish. They are rich in nutrients and have delicate meat. They are suitable for frying, stewing and frying. They are used to make various dishes and

Three methods for collecting seedlings of Astragalus

The artificial propagation technology of Astragalus has not been solved. The yellow seedlings must be collected from natural seedlings. The methods are:
First, the collection of fertilized eggs from May to August is the spawning period of Astragalus. Most of oviposition spawning occurs at

Channel fish, breeding methods

First, artificial breeding of fry

1. Select broodstock to choose 3rd to 5th instar and weigh 2.5kg~3.5kg of broodstock. In the non-reproductive season, males and females have slightly wider heads, darker body colors, and slightly narrower female heads. During the reproductive seaso