Processing method for planting cut-off soil of iris

First of all, to ensure that the soil does not contain pathogens, the following treatments can be carried out: First, change the soil or fully rotate in the field; Second, strengthen management to ensure good growth conditions. If soil treatment is required, the soil should be disinfected

Colorful Tree Species - Clown Pyracantha

【Product Name】Clown Pyracantha

Evergreen shrubs (half evergreen in the north), single leaves, ovate leaves, leaves with patterns, like a clown's face, hence the name Clown Pyracantha, winter leaves red. White flowers, flowering period from March to May; fruitin

Luo Hanguo

Name: Luo Han Guo Category: Qingre Pinyin: Luo Han Guo
Latin: Fructus Momordicae
Medicinal parts: dried fruit medicinal properties: This product is oval, oval or spherical, long 4.5 ~ 8.5cm, diameter 3.5 ~ 6cm. The surface is brown, yellowish b

Deep Processing of Eggplant in 3 Cases

1 multi-flavored eggplant slices, fresh eggplant stalks, washed, cut into slices. According to the ratio of 100 kilograms of eggplant slices and 16 kilograms of salt, a layer of salt is filled in a layer of eggplant. Then add 16% salt water to submerge the eggplant, pressure on the heavy cover

Woodland cultivation mushroom technology

There are two main modes of production of conventional edible fungi. First, factory production, but the requirements of the facilities are relatively high, the general investment is more than tens of millions of yuan, so the development has limitations, it is not suitable for large-scale p

Farmyard feed should pay attention to what issues?

(1) Reasonable choice of raw materials: The varieties of raw materials should be diversified, and more than six kinds should be appropriate to achieve the purpose of complementing each other's nutritional ingredients. The raw materials' palatability is better, and attention should

Plant growth regulators applied on wheat

Huaguo Nurse and Wei Miao are new plant growth regulators. Their active ingredients are seaweed polysaccharides, alginic acid, and highly unsaturated fatty acids. They have the ability to promote flower bud differentiation and formation, promote flowering, preserve and protect fruits, and

Give timely defecation to laying hens

Aphids are a chronic, debilitating parasite that harms the body of a bird. The damage caused by locusts is no less than infectious diseases, but it is often overlooked. If the chicken farmer finds that the hen's chicken cocks are pale, thin, feathery, dark, with sagging wings, sluggish