Do newborns need to cut teeth?

The newly born piglet has two pairs of canine teeth and two pairs of molars, brownish black and tapering. Based on the following considerations, some farms conducted toothpicking on newborn pigs.
1. Piglets bite into the cheeks with canine teeth while fighting for nipples. Once infected w

Pig feed: Wheat alternative to corn

Corn is the main energy feed and accounts for a large proportion in the formulation, generally more than 60%. Therefore, the increase in corn prices has greatly increased feed costs. Can corn be partially replaced by wheat? The answer is yes. Partial replacement of corn by wheat does not a

How to control Chinese medicine

1. Selection of decocting device The quality of traditional Chinese medicine decoction has a close relationship with the selected decocting device. It is still better to use casserole, because the material of the casserole is stab

What are the tips for raising ducks?

First, in the spring of the river in February, although the temperature is still relatively low, it still allows the ducks to enter the water for about half an hour each day. The egg production decreased slightly in the first two days and returned to normal after one week. Its practical si


First, the difference between micro storage and silage:
Silage is a natural fermentation. In silage, it is fermented by microorganisms in the natural world. However, the silage fermentation requires strict time and environmental requirements, and the season is short. It is impossible

How can a simple processing of walnuts?

Peeling skin: China's traditional method is to pile up peeling. The specific method is to pile up the walnut green peel together, cover the sheet or grass (avoid sun exposure), and promote maturity. After 3~4 days of accumulation of green peels, the green skin can be peeled off with a wood

Management techniques after cherry grafting

1. Loosen in time. If rain or watering occurs after the grafting of cherry, it may cause fluidity and affect survival. Therefore, do not water within half a month after grafting. After budding seedlings have survived, they should be loosened in time to prevent the rain from seeping into th