1. Loosen in time. If rain or watering occurs after the grafting of cherry, it may cause fluidity and affect survival. Therefore, do not water within half a month after grafting. After budding seedlings have survived, they should be loosened in time to prevent the rain from seeping into the skin along the tie and causing gumming.

2. Timely cutting anvil. For the buds that have already survived, an anvil should be cut. The suitable time for cutting the anvil is to make the buds turn green but not before germination, prematurely cutting the anvil can easily cause the rootstock to drain and cause the buds to die. The anvil is cut with the pruning shears about 1 cm above the sprouts. The anvils should be cut slightly higher when cutting the anvil. The back side of the buds should be slightly lower to form a slope. Helps healing.

3. Knuckle anti-folding. After the grafted buds germinate, they grow rapidly. Due to their soft wood, they are easily bent or bent. Therefore, when the buds grow to 20 to 30 centimeters, the pillars should be set up in time and the new shoots should be fixed on the pillars so as not to be broken by the wind.

4. Fade bud topping. During this period, the buds sprouted on the rootstock seedlings should be repeatedly wiped out, and field management should be strengthened to promote the growth of the grafted seedlings. When the grafted seedlings grow to 30-40 cm, the seedlings are picked up and the lower branches are pushed. To the upper mid-July, topping the upper Wangwang branch again can increase the branch quantity, which is beneficial to the early results of seedlings.

5. Fertilizer management. After the grafted shoots sprout, it is necessary to strengthen the management of fertilizer and water, generally pouring water once every 20 days or so. Combined with watering timely application of chemical fertilizers, the first time in the middle and late May, topdressing urea 5 ~ 10 kg per acre. The second time, in mid-July, about 15 kg of ammonium diphosphate can be topped out. Afterwards, appropriate fertilizer and water should be controlled to ensure the maturity of the seedlings and increase the wintering ability of the seedlings.


Prevent pests. After sprouting in the spring, attention should be paid to the control of the small gray elephant weevil; after picking the buds to shoot new shoots, it is necessary to prevent the harm of pear carnivora. From early July to early August, spray 250 times more Bordeaux mixture twice to prevent early defoliation.


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