Peeling skin: China's traditional method is to pile up peeling. The specific method is to pile up the walnut green peel together, cover the sheet or grass (avoid sun exposure), and promote maturity. After 3~4 days of accumulation of green peels, the green skin can be peeled off with a wooden stick. However, this method often takes a long time to store due to the effects of rain or other reasons. It is piled up and rotted, and it is easy to hit when hit. The surface of nuts is often Serious pollution, affecting product quality. To solve this problem, the Shandong Institute of Fruit Research trials 3,000 to 5000 ppm of ethephon solution to fully dip the green walnut fruit and place it at a temperature of 30°C and a relative humidity of 80%. After 5 days, the peel rate is over 95%. The rate is 85% and the secondary fruit is 13.2% (stacking method is 33.2% and 13.8% respectively). This method saves labor and costs, has a clean surface, and is of good quality. It is worth promoting and applying.
Bleaching and Washing: In order to ensure the appearance of nuts, the nuts are sold in domestic and foreign markets. The nuts and nuts must be bleached and washed. Firstly, the wet peeled walnuts are washed with water, washed with mud and black dirt, and then bleached and bleached. Disable iron, porcelain utensils best, farmers generally use water tanks, bleach is 5 to 7 times the sodium hypochlorite aqueous solution, generally prepared with warm water, bleached walnut fruit into bleach, into the amount to make the liquid Dipping for the degree, stirring 5-8 minutes, you can remove and pour clean water, 50 kg per kg of wet walnuts can be rinsed, a cylinder of liquid can be rinsed 7-8 times, the bleached walnut should be Immediately wash 2 or 3 times, and the bleach is washed thoroughly. The bleached walnuts are then allowed to cool, and the moisture content of the nuts after drying is required to be 6.5%, not more than 8%, and the kernels are crispy. Qian'an City Agricultural Information Center

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