Apple autumn branches are good

The grafted apple trees in spring coincides with the rainy weather since the beginning of summer this year. The growth of autumn shoots is large. The tree body has been basically formed. To promote its early results and early high yield, it has been proved for many years that autumn branching

The agricultural control of green pepper rotten fruit

Control the temperature and humidity in the shed using the traditional ground irrigation method. Hang a thermometer at both ends of the shed and regularly measure the temperature and humidity in the shed to determine the temperature of the bleb and the temperature of the curtain. During the da

How should the closed house be ventilated in winter?

In winter, the temperature in winter in North China is cold. In the process of ventilation management, the contradiction between ventilation and heat insulation is outstanding. When coordinating the contradiction between the two, the minimum ventilation should be clearly ensured, regardless of

Pigs four keys a week

One week after breeding

One week after mating is the critical period for egg fertilization and fertilized egg splitting. If the sow is over-saturated at this time, part of the fertilized egg will die, which will reduce the rate of conception. Therefore, sows should not be fed too m

How pig farms do a good job feeding piglets

Timing of feeding

Gastrointestinal pigs have insufficient secretion of acid and high pH, ​​which is beneficial to the destruction of the immunoglobulin in sow colostrum. The suckling piglets can obtain sufficient maternal antibodies from colostrum and maintain high-in