Occurrence and Control of Rice Stirrups

Types and Symptoms of Paddy Rice Seedlings The rice seedlings grew abnormally after transplanting, which showed that the rice plants clustered and the leaves became smaller and smaller. The leaves showed auburn spots or reddish red; the growth was stagnant, the tillers rarely occurred, and the

China's trade surplus continues to decrease

The General Administration of Customs recently released China's foreign trade import and export situation in the first five months of this year. According to customs statistics, from January to May, China’s total value of imports and exports was US$

Common respiratory diseases in chickens

In recent years, the climate has been abnormal, dry, and windy; the existence of numerous reasons has caused frequent respiratory diseases in chickens. Newcastle disease, virulent newcastle disease, mild flu, larynx, kidney-type transmission, mycoplasma, rhinitis, nasal bronchitis and other re

Feeding standards for meat ducks

Ducks generally need to feed 2 to 3 diets during their growth. The nutritional requirements for Pekin ducks given in Table 1 are suitable for the feeding regimen in 2 diets, and the protein requirements for 0-2 week and 2-7 week old ducks were 22% and 16%, respectively. The protein requirement

Three major fruit trees in June to prevent pests

Apple trees: After fruit bagging, spray 1:2:200-240 Bordeaux mixture or 25% tebuconazole 3000 times solution (optionally with other azole fungicides) every 15 to 20 days to prevent brown spot. Ringworm disease, spotted deciduous disease. Spraying Bordeaux multi-fluid after 24 hours needs t

Porcine Baoding Technology

Standing Baoding method using a chopstick thick yarn rope, make a slip at one end. In time of security, one person grabs the pig's ears and lifts it up. When the pig is barking, put the slipknot of the rope into the upper jaw of the pig and tighten it tightly. Then fasten the rope to the f