In recent days, the voice of water prices has become louder and louder, and there are news on the market that most domestic brand water prices will rise across the board. In this regard, yesterday's Daily reporter interviewed Nongfu Springs, Uniform, Kangshifu, Nestle and other companies, but the answer was all negative, these companies have said that the recent price of aquatic products does not have any changes.

Recently, the market’s voice of bottled water and bottled water prices has increased. On the forums and Weibo, netizens often said that they had already raised their prices when they bought water.

Some Guangdong media reported that some supermarkets have indicated that some bottled water brands have issued notices or verbal notices to increase their prices by about 10%.

Yesterday, Zhou Li, a spokesperson for Nongfu Springs, said, “I can say responsibly that the price of aquatic products at Nongfushangquan has not really risen. The price system has not been adjusted since this year.” Zhou Li said, “Nongfu Spring has more than 100 in the country. All stores have sales, there are too many sales terminals, and the price is difficult to guarantee all the same. But usually, the ex-factory price has not been adjusted, and our dealers will not make substantial adjustments to prices."

Nestlé related officials said that in March this year, its bottled water had a 5% increase, but since then, bottled water, bottled water, the price has not been adjusted.

The relevant person in charge of Cestbon indicated that the company had issued a formal price increase notice in the South China market, with an increase of about 12%, but it was not known to the Beijing market.

Yesterday, the reporter visited Wumei, Diatian, and other supermarkets and a number of community stores. The sales staff of these supermarkets stated that the price of water has not changed in the near future, nor did he hear that he would have to raise prices. The reporter saw in Dia Daily supermarkets, Nestle and many other brands of water are doing price promotions.

“We did not go up in the store, and we did not receive a notification of the company’s price increase,” said Fu Yu, public relations director of Wumart.

Experts say Coca-Cola “slim” 6 cents more per bottle Recently, the two giants of Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola replaced some of the original 600-milliliter carbonated drinks with 500-ml bottles, but the price remained unchanged. This move has caused concern.

Marketing expert Li Zhiqi stated yesterday that the reduction in the cost of Coke's product savings, together with the reduction in logistics costs caused by weight loss and the same selling price, will add at least 6 points to the company's Coke companies. The cost of money.

Li Zhiqi introduced that the beverage company's logistics costs are based on weight. While reducing weight, logistics costs are also decreasing. At the same time, with the weight loss, the terminal's selling price does not change, which means that the terminal supermarket's cost will not change.

"The settlement of supermarket prices is based on bar codes. Prices haven't changed and supermarkets do not need to change bar codes," said Li Zhiqi.

In addition, Li Zhiqi stated that the mold change needed for packaging change may cost hundreds of thousands, but for such a large company, the cost is negligibly small.

"A bottle of 600 ml of Coke products, the most conservative estimate, the gross profit rate will not be lower than the selling price of 20%, according to the market for each bottle of 3 dollars, each bottle gross margin of 6 cents, and lose 100 ml, In terms of comprehensive cost, each bottle can at least increase the gross profit margin of Coke by 10%, ie 6 cents.”

“Changes in packaging and prices involve two different strategies of the company and cannot be put together.” Coca-Cola relevant person in charge said that changes in packaging also bring a series of costs to the company, from the entire production to terminal sales to such a long channel Look, the difference in cost is not much.

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