Control the temperature and humidity in the shed using the traditional ground irrigation method. Hang a thermometer at both ends of the shed and regularly measure the temperature and humidity in the shed to determine the temperature of the bleb and the temperature of the curtain. During the daytime, the temperature in the booth is controlled at 23-27°C, the nighttime temperature is controlled at 16-20°C, and the air relative humidity is controlled at 70-80%. When the outside temperature is greater than 15°C, ventilation is gradually performed day and night, and the bottom wind is placed in the front of the shed, from small to large. Every two meters to expose a tuyere, with a tile flat support was A-shaped mouth, when the outside temperature rose to an average of 16 °C, brick horizontal (10 cm high), 19-21 °C, the brick vertical (20 cm high ). As the temperature in the shed rises, the waist and top winds are released, or the shade net is covered.
Disinfect the straw mat lime disinfection tank 1.2 meters long and 1 meter wide in front of the buffer room and into the greenhouse. Sprinkle 1 lime every 15 days to keep the pool moist. Into the greenhouse, the feet are disinfected through the tank to prevent the bacteria from being carried outside. . Use latex gloves to pick the fruit and cut it with scissors soaked in disinfectant. Equipped with a 0.5% potassium permanganate disinfectant barrel, such as picking the diseased fruit and immediately using its disinfecting scissors and latex gloves, to prevent spread of pathogenic bacteria.
Potassium and potassium fertilizers were sprayed with 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution to spray the stems and leaves, once every 7 days to improve the disease resistance of the plants.
Covering grass and lowering the humidity spreads 3-5 cm thick wheat straw or wheat bran between large rows of green peppers, which can absorb moisture and reduce humidity, reduce air humidity in the shed, and inhibit the development of diseases.

cryolite Basic Information
CAS: 15096-52-3
MF: AlF6Na3
MW: 209.94
EINECS: 239-148-8
Mol File: 15096-52-3.mol
Cryolite Chemical Properties
Melting point 1012
Boiling point decomp
density 2.9 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

Cryolite Application

Mainly used as aluminum smelting flux, insecticide, also used in glass, enamel, resin, rubber industry

Cryolite CAS No.15096-52-3

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