The grafted apple trees in spring coincides with the rainy weather since the beginning of summer this year. The growth of autumn shoots is large. The tree body has been basically formed. To promote its early results and early high yield, it has been proved for many years that autumn branching is better than the second spring. Pull branches, the majority of fruit farmers may wish to try.
When mature trees are single-buded and abdomen-jointed, when the branches are longer than 1 meter, it is better to pull branches in September. Cut off the film with the sharp blade at the original dressing interface, hold the interface with your left hand, soften the branches with your right hand, swing into the space, and then fix with a rope. For branches that grow upright and base angles are too small, ropes can be used to anchor at the base corners, then raise the angle and repeatedly soften and re-control the branches. In order to prevent some branches from splitting, it is best to use sticks to tie the branches first before proceeding. Precocious, easy-to-result species, such as Clam, Meiba, etc., the angle of pull branches is 90~100 degrees; late-maturing, hard-to-flower varieties, such as Fuji, Beidou, etc., pull the angle of the branches to 110 degrees is appropriate. Combined with the control branches, cut off the back branches, pests and branches. Pull branches in the fall, the second year can see flowers, the effect is obvious.

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