Fertility of watermelon

One bogey single application of a large number of nitrogen fertilizer watermelon fertilization is the most concerned about nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, if a single application of a large number of nitrogen fertilizer, the plant is extremely easy and long, is not conducive to flowering melo

Meat Sheep Growth Promoter - Fei Yang Bao

Feiyangbao is a meat sheep growth-promoting additive developed and produced by Tianjin Jianong Feed Co., Ltd. (telephone). It contains more than 2500 mg of urease inhibitor, more than 3100 mg of iron, more than 740 mg of copper, and more than 2100 mg of manganese per kg of fat sheep. 2100 mg o

Current lychee management measures

At present, the central task of litchi management is to adjust the management results of the mother branch, and to further control the promotion of flowers.

First, master the time of late autumn shoots and winter shoots

1. The flower bud differentiation period of white suga

Artificially cultivated bezoar

Artificially cultivated bezoar, through a set of surgical operations, in the bovine bile system placed special foreign bodies, and injection - kind of special bacterins, under the stimulation of foreign bodies and bacterins, the formation of bezoar in the bovine gall system. Artificially culti

What soil is commonly used for growing flowers?

Different flowers and the same kind of flowers have different requirements for soil in their fertility stages, and now only the commonly used potting materials for general flowers are introduced as follows:

(1) Plain sandy soil: pure texture, less sticky sand, smooth drainage, suitabl

Greenhouse Chicken Management

All in and out for a good job in greenhouses and chicken health management and disease prevention work, generally adopt all-in, all-out feeding management methods. After the shed, the shed and its environment were thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Adhere to immunization of procedures and

Soybean high-yielding cultivation techniques

Soybeans are also known as sweet potato, which is known in some places as raw geuca. It is an annual bean plant. In recent years, yam and its roots are crisp and juicy, rich in sugar and protein, and they can be used as raw or cooked food. They are loved by more and more people, and the planti

Three operations damage the farm machinery

One is using a silk cover air filter. In order to enhance the filtration effect, some robots cover the air filter of the tractor with a silk cloth, which is believed to make the air cleaner. Do you not know, silk cloth will hinder the air from entering the cylinder smoothly, make the air suppl