Misunderstanding of Orchard Medication

Orchard medicine is a science. At present, it is the peak season for orchard use in various places. What pests should be prevented in advance? How to achieve green protection? How to formulate pesticides more scientific? How to prevent and treat diseases and insect pests with less investment a


English name: DL-Isoleucine
Other names: DL-isoleucine
CAS No.: 443-79-8
C6H13NO2 = 131.17
Content: ≥99.0%
Properties: white crystals, melting point 292 ° C (decomposition). Soluble in water (22.3 g / liter at 25 ° C), hot alcoh

How to eat breakfast how old to eat healthy

The best time for breakfast

Usually people get breakfast after 20 or 30 minutes after getting up at 7 o'clock, because people's appetite is the most vigorous. Breakfast and Chinese food should have a certain interval, generally 4 to 5 hours or so is good, that is, between 7

The Harm and Utilization of Self-Asparagus Seeds

At present, the planting of asparagus is mostly male-female mixed plant species. Female plants produce berries after flowering and pollination, and after ripening, they are what we call seeds. This kind of seed is self-mating and cannot be used for planting in Daejeon. Otherwise, the quali

What if cotton is flooded?

The summer heat in July is the hottest month of the year in July. We must do a good job of preventing floods and preventing heat and drought, timely harvesting of early rice, mid-season rice crops and panicle fertilizer, cotton cultivating tillage, top picking, application of fertilizer, p

Dry Sausage Fermentation Technology

Pig-raising technology in the fermentation bed is to change the ground of the pigsty from the current cement floor to a new pig-raising mode with a fermentation function floor. Based on microbiological and ecological principles, it is a kind of environment-fr