Orchard medicine is a science. At present, it is the peak season for orchard use in various places. What pests should be prevented in advance? How to achieve green protection? How to formulate pesticides more scientific? How to prevent and treat diseases and insect pests with less investment and good results? These problems are all concerns of the fruit farmers. However, there are still many problems worth paying attention to during the actual drug application.

Retreatment ignores prevention, resulting in prevention of poor disease prevention should be the main prevention, control of disease, prevention and control of pests in critical period is the basic principle. Such as apple rotten fruit disease, after the fall to the end of July is the peak period of pathogen infection, this time a good effect of prevention and control, basically no later spraying or less spraying, can not achieve the purpose of rotten fruit. However, some fruit growers do not spray pesticides in the early stages, and later, rotten fruit has taken place. The result is that they have not been able to cure rotten fruit and suffered heavy losses.

Medication followed others to learn, not symptomatic medication many farmers blindly medication, follow others learn, no matter what disease occurs on the tree are playing bactericidal drugs, with or without pests, fight drugs add insecticide. Most of the pesticides are highly specific, often only for a certain disease or worm, and they are ineffective for others, delaying the best period of prevention and control, wasting investment, and polluting the environment.

Increase the amount of medication, that the amount of more than a total of less than a good, not scientific drugs such as 1.8% Qi Qi Su control red and white fleas, the recommended dosage of 6000 to 8000 times the liquid, some farmers have increased to 2000 times the liquid, Some of them have higher concentration than once, which not only increases human resistance to insect pests, but also causes ecological disharmony, and even causes phytotoxicity.

It is believed that the more types of pesticides are used, the more effective the better. Many farmers use one type of fungicides and one type of insecticide. They feel that they are not assured that they often mix a variety of agents and even mix seven or eight pesticides. In the case of this disease, the kind of medicine that is responsible for that disease has its own responsibility. In fact, most of the pesticides are compounded by themselves, and some drugs that are used in combination have the same mechanism of action. Mixed use equals to increase the dose, some pesticides acid and alkali neutralize, reduce the efficacy or form insoluble matter, resulting in phytotoxicity.

Heavy chemical pesticides, ignoring biological pesticides Many farmers want to use chemical pesticides once they have pests and diseases. In fact, some pests use biological agents or traps that are better than chemical ones.

Do not attach importance to pesticide residues and pollution. Some fruit farmers only pay attention to prevention and control effects and immediate interests when they control pests and diseases, as long as medicines are removed from the pests, regardless of the pollution of pesticides to the environment.

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