If a tractor malfunctions while driving, it will often cause a vicious accident with the vehicle crashing. If the farmer can carry out maintenance before the tractor has experienced a serious failure, and the problem is eliminated in the bud, it can stop the continued expansion of the failure, and can also avoid greater losses, which has important practical significance for improving the economic efficiency of farm machinery. What are the abnormal performances of the tractor before it fails?

Abnormal conditions

The sudden changes in the common operating conditions of the tractor include: the sudden start of the engine and the difficulty in starting the engine; even the engine cannot be started; the traction force of the engine suddenly decreases during driving, and the driving force is weak; the sudden brake failure or deviation during driving may even fail; the steering wheel and the front wheel shake. Even out of control; severe head swing; violent vibration; brake failure; clutch slip; generator does not generate electricity. When the sudden changes in tractor operating conditions, the symptoms are obvious and easy to find. Once a sudden change in tractor operating conditions, it is necessary to immediately stop, identify the fault and eliminate the fault before continuing operations.

Instrument abnormality

The signals from the various instruments on the tractor can help the farmer find new faults in the tractor. For example, ammeters, oil pressure gauges, water temperature gauges and barometers are used to indicate the working conditions of the tractor-related systems. If the indicator readings are abnormal, it means that the tractor is faulty. The position should be selected immediately, and the vehicle should be checked and excluded.

Abnormal sound

The abnormal sound of the tractor during driving is an “alarm” for tractor malfunction. For example, the sound of the bee "squeaking" may be bearing failure, or it may be a problem with a tire. It may also be that the fixed support at the bottom of a component or engine is loose; the loud noise of the "pop" is usually due to the row The rupture of the trachea or muffler causes the explosion of the engine; the sound of combustion cannot be eliminated; “click” may damage the universal joint of the drive shaft, or the fan blade may bend and loose, or it may be running on a mountain road. Due to the small stones that hit the tires between the tires, the sharp sound of the "click" may be caused by the belt being worn or the gap being improperly adjusted, resulting in the sound of friction between the belt and the belt pulley, or it may be caused by the deterioration of the cylinder seal; The "whistle" sound may be loose or worn fan belts or insufficient tire pressure; boring "knocking" sounds are generally caused by aging diesel engines, bearing or engine valve damage; "tapping" and mixing "burst" "Sound, using inferior diesel; harsh "screaming" sound, usually there is a problem with the brakes or loose belt.

Abnormal smoke

When the tractor is working normally, the engine exhaust smoke should be colorless with a faint gray color. If black smoke, blue smoke and white smoke are emitted, it means that the diesel engine of the tractor is malfunctioning.

The reason why diesel engines often emit black smoke is: the engine load is too large; the fuel injection pump is too large; the injection pump starts to supply oil too early or too late; the air filter is blocked and the intake air volume is insufficient; Inadequate, air leaks; governor failure and excessive fuel injection; poor atomization of fuel injector or low fuel injection pressure; poor fuel quality; insufficient or excessive lubricating oil; cold start.

The reason why the exhaust pipe emits blue smoke is as follows: the oil level in the engine oil pan is too high; the piston ring wears or colloids in the ring groove due to coke and breaks, resulting in serious oil pick-up; piston rings and ring grooves Excessive edge clearance; excessive gap or poor fit between piston and cylinder liner; piston ring counter-pair; change of piston ring down, causing oil to run into cylinder; valve stem and valve duct clearance too large; cooling system defective Causes the engine temperature to be too high, causing the engine oil to evaporate.

Exhaust pipe white smoke causes: Fuel quality is unqualified, contains too much moisture; fuel system is mainly the water inside the fuel tank; engine preheat temperature is not enough, the temperature is too low; cylinder compression force is insufficient; injection time Too late: The cylinder mat burns out and causes the cylinder to infiltrate into the water; the injector injection pressure is too low, the fuel is not well atomized; the cylinder head is damaged, or the cylinder liner leaks; the nozzle is not working properly, causing the fuel injector to drip .

Leaking oil

If the tractor is found to have leakage, leakage of fuel, leakage of lubricating oil, leakage, etc., indicating that the sealing performance of certain parts of the tractor is getting worse, it will have to fail. It should be noted that the initial leakage of oil from tractors requires careful observation to be discovered. Usually there is more dust in the place where the tractor leaks oil. Leakage will not only cause overheating of the tractor's diesel engine, increase of fuel consumption, etc., but it will also contaminate machinery and the environment, so once leakage is found, it should be ruled out.

Abnormal temperature

Usually the tractor diesel engine is overheated and the cooling system is faulty. If it is not eliminated in time, it will cause a weak driving force and even cause the piston and other parts to be burned. If the transmission and rear axle housing overheat, if not promptly eliminated, it will cause damage to gears and bearings. Therefore, if the temperature of the tractor is abnormal, it means that the tractor will have a serious failure and cannot be taken lightly.

Abnormal consumption

The consumption of fuel, oil and cooling water for tractors has a certain standard range. If there is a significant increase in consumption, it indicates that the technical condition of the tractor has deteriorated and a failure has occurred.

Unusual smell

When driving a tractor, if you smell an unusual smell with your nose, it means that the tractor has malfunctioned. If you smell a burning rubber odor, which is caused by the insulation of the short circuit wire of the circuit, you should immediately stop by the side to find out the reason to prevent the fire.

Abnormal appearance

Park the tractor on a flat surface and observe the appearance. If there is a phenomenon such as horizontal or vertical skew, it is an abnormal appearance. Most of the reasons are tire, frame, body, suspension and other parts of the fault, these faults will cause tractor driving, the direction of instability, deviation, center of gravity transfer and the wheel "eat the tire" and other serious driving safety hazards, the machine must be high alert.

Gap abnormality

The clearances of all parts of the tractor have their standard values. If the clearance is too large or too small, it means that there is a fault and adjustments should be made in time.

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