A good way to shade the vegetables is to sew the waste cloths together. The length and width are the same as the length and length of the sheds. Covering them on the awnings can provide a good shade effect. This splicing large cloth cooling effect can not say better than the shade net but certainly not bad. In the two years of practice, there is no problem when the seedlings are planted until the seedlings grow slowly. The spliced ​​waste fabrics are used to shade the greenhouses, which are economical, environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and have the advantages of light fastness, long service life, and obvious cooling effect.

Remind vegetable farmers that the following points should be noted when selecting and purchasing used fabrics for sunshading: First, faded fabrics cannot be selected. Summer rainfall, if the fabric fades, in the process of use, it is easy to fade the color on the film, affecting the transparency of the film. Second, the material used for shading can not be pure cotton. To choose chemical fiber fabrics, durable, anti-exposure. Third, the fixation of shade cloths on the shed must be done so as not to be run by the wind. You can sew the fabric and fix it with a wire. Fourth, choose shade cloths based on the vegetables grown. If the vegetable is a vegetable that requires strict shades like a loofah, it is necessary to purchase a darker fabric. Conversely, if it is a vegetable that requires less shade than tomato, a slightly lighter cloth should be chosen to meet the light requirements of the plant.

                                                                           Compacted Vacuum Suction Unit

ETR has independently developed an integrated vacuum pump unit composed of a water-ring vacuum pump, a gas-water separator, a vacuum solenoid valve, pipe fittings and an electrical control system. It is a simple, safe and reliable device that continuously serves the wards all day long, without occupying the ward space. The negative pressure is sourced from the vacuum pump unit.


Compacted Vacuum Suction Unit

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