Biogas fertilizer application of five bogey

Use immediately after being released from the pool. The biogas fertilizer has strong reducing ability. If it is applied immediately after it is discharged, it will compete with the crops for oxygen in the soil and affect the germination and root development of the seeds, resulting in the yello

Garden flower cultivation and propagation method

Garden flowers and plants are generally divided into three types. First, there is seed reproduction that is sexual reproduction); Second, cuttings, grafting, layering, sub-beads and other asexual reproduction; Third, tissue culture This is the latest method, high reproduction rate and no virus

Sweet potato cake processing

Sweet potato cake is an important farm food in some of the sweet potato growing areas in China. Housewives are often cooked to entertain guests. The crispy and smooth taste makes it popular, but this food has never really reached the market. The conversion is so difficult to see in the market.

Mackerel processing

(I) Dried fish fillets
1. Ingredients: Good raw material freshness requirements, the individual weight is best in more than 100 grams, because the individual is not easy to operate.
2. Scrubbing: Use seawater or fresh water to wash away impurities such as mucus and sediment on the fi

Bonsai Grape Plant Cultivation Technology

Bonsai grapes have the characteristics of easy management, planting in the past, flowering in the past, and effective results in the past year. They can make full use of courtyards, balconies and other facilities for cultivation, so that grapes can be set in advance. In this way, in the early

Regulator overview

Regulators are used to regulate the flow, pressure and level of the media. According to the adjustment part signal, the opening of the valve is automatically controlled to achieve the adjustm

How to increase the useful life of biogas

How to increase the useful life of biogas Biogas is conducive to solving rural energy problems, promoting the development of agricultural production, promoting the development of animal husbandry, improving sanitation conditions, protecting the ecological environment, and liberating the labor