Application of Algae Fertilizer in Tomato

The application of algae fertilizer in planting has caused widespread concern among growers. Especially on vegetables, it performed extremely well. So, how to use tomato algae fertilizer? What is the effect after use? Here's a simple example of how to apply the method to the

Good tomato and pepper


Sowing seedlings: sowing in July and August, using arch shelters, and covering the shade net. Shade nets should be covered during the day according to weather conditions, and should be removed in time.

Management during sowing and emergence requires that the seedbed te

Management of Transplanting and Planting Citron

The gas in the shed mainly refers to some gases such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, and nitric acid gas.
The industrialized planting of citrons is carried out under high density and confined conditions. There is almost no gas exchange. In addition, the photosynthetic, respiration and microbi

Comprehensive prevention of jujube rust

Jujube rust, also known as jujube, has been severe in the jujube area in recent years, causing loss of production and serious damage to the jujube area. The disease often occurs in the fruit enlargement period and causes a large number of fallen leaves, jujube fruit shrinkage, reduced suga

Kiwi bagging measures

Kiwi bagging technical measures include: selection of bags, fruit thinning, fruit setting, spraying, fruit set, protection, and bag removal.

The choice of paper bag is a single layer of beige thin wax wood pulp paper bag, 15-18 cm long, 11-13 cm wide, open seam in the middle, plus

Captive duck and duck methods and techniques

The scientific ingredients for ducks and ducks feed mainly on cereals, accounting for 50% to 60%, adding 10% to 20% of cakes, 10% to 15% of fishmeal, 1% of shell powder and salt, multivitamins and additives. The amount of fish meal can be increased or decreased according to the egg production