Carnations winter and spring cuttings

Carnation is a one-year or perennial herbaceous flower of Dianthus caryophyllus. Its propagation can be carried out by sowing, cutting, layering, tissue culture, etc. Generally, cutting propagation is generally used in winter and spring seasons.
Generally speaking, cuttings of carnation c

Spring flower cultivation techniques

Jasminumnudiflorum is a deciduous shrub of the family Oleaceae. It is also known as the Spring Festival, Gold Bar, and Gold Belt.
When the spring comes back to the earth, the spring flowers burst into blossoming flowers. The golden flowers are pressed against the branches and the orange,

Wheat storage method

First, the storage characteristics have a long after-ripening period, in the process of ripening, breathing is prosperous, prone to "sweat" phenomenon, so that the top of the seed heap moisture absorption, causing fever, mildew.
Strong heat resistance, high temperature sealed st

Agricultural vehicle maintenance matters

1. The matters to be noted when assembling the drive shaft are to ensure that the drive shaft can be assembled in its original position after being disassembled, and must be marked before disassembly. When assembling, care should be taken to ensure that the universal joints at both ends of the

Rabbit cages have special stress

Rabbit cages are places where rabbits live. Making a good rabbit cage not only contributes to the healthy growth of rabbits, but also reduces feed and labor costs. According to the author's practice and summarizing the experiences of many rabbit farmers, we now have a few opinions on the p

Winter Corn Frost Disaster Prevention Measures

Winter corn is a winter cultivated crop that is suitable for the development of South Asian tropical and tropical low-heat valleys. It is characterized by high yields, and can be used to harvest dry grains as high-quality fine feed and sell green food. After harvest, its stems and leaves are f

Tractor winter maintenance

High concentrations of fuel oil and lube oil in winter, poor fluidity, icing of cooling water and freezing of snow on the road surface, make it difficult for the tractor to start, lubricate and travel. Therefore, in addition to the prescribed technical maintenance and driving operations, the f