Hawthorn paste making step

The main raw materials: hawthorn, citric acid (combined into a liquid with a concentration of 50%), white granulated sugar (with a sugar concentration of 75%).

Production method: Select the complete, non-insect fruit, go to the handle, pedicle, nucleus, wash, with a temperature of

Introduction to circulating water vacuum pump

The circulating water vacuum pump, also called the water ring vacuum pump, is a rough vacuum pump. It has an ultimate vacuum of 2000-4000 Pa and a tandem atmospheric injector of 270-670 Pa. The water ring pump can also be used as a compressor, called a water ring compressor, wh

10 ways to prevent disease before seeding

1. Wash seeds with 1000 times chlortetracycline or streptomycin for two hours and wash them to prevent soft rot of cabbage.

2, with 50 °C bubble seed 15 to 20 minutes can prevent cucumber anthracnose, angular spot.

3, with 50 °C blisters seed 15 to 20 minutes to preve

Autumn and winter management

First, after autumn, the basal fertilizer is applied to the soil after the rain is wet, and the base fertilizer is chased after the rain. Parallel ridges are formed on both sides of the tree at the dripping line, and the organic fertilizer or bio-organic fertilizer of the plant source Linb

September raising blue technical points

Remove shading facilities and allow orchids to fully receive light. In September, there are white dew and two equinoxes. The average monthly temperature is around 25°C. The high-temperature season is over and the sunshine is becoming softer. In addition to outdoor shade cultivation, sha

Baking Soda

Adding appropriate amounts of baking soda to dairy cows in the feed can prevent or reduce the decrease of ruminal pH, increase milk fat percentage and milk yield, and advance the peak milk production period of cows, especially feeding silages (such as silage corn) at regular ages. The effe