The national pork price decelerated faster

According to the Xinhua News Agency’s national price monitoring system for agricultural and sideline products and agricultural materials, compared with the previous day, on November 16 pork prices fell; beef and mutton prices rose steadily; prices of ve

Phnom Penh stalk rot disease prevention measures

Phnom Penh is a precious flower that the people love, but it is difficult to raise. According to the author's observation, it was found that the main cause was stalk rot.

First, the characteristics of stem rot and disease

1. Symptoms: The disease is not easily detected

As the wheat seedlings before winter fertilizer

The management of winter wheat fertilizer and water is mainly to coordinate the growth of plants, promote the delivery of young wheat seedlings and the cultivation of strong seedlings, establish a suitable group structure, ensure that the wheat seedlings safely pass winter, and lay a good

Pheasant hatching method

Pheasant hatching method - electric blanket plus water bag hatching method

1. Appliances: electric blankets, water bags (plastic bags), sheets, quilts, beds, thermometers.

2. Set up the bed: Place the electric blanket on the bed first, then put the water bag on the electric

Autumn should give the bee broken child

Young larvae who leave the house late do not have the opportunity to excrete flight, consume honey and are not safe in the winter. Stop bee spawning one month before freezing. When the area of ​​the spleen begins to shrink, stop rewarding feeding, and when the spleen is closed, t

Precautions for fertilization after harvesting grapes

After the grapes are harvested and before the winter, the nutrients of the tree are transferred from the harvest to the fruit before harvest, and the second peak of growth occurs in the root. At this time, fertilization is crucial. This is the reason for the high yield and quality of the g