Many agricultural machine users have neglected the maintenance and maintenance of their machines during the autumn agricultural machinery operation. Repair and maintenance of the machine should pay attention to the following points:

1. To eliminate the weeds, dirt, and other deposits on the outside of the harvester in a timely manner to eliminate the presence of wheat straw, wheat bran, wheat grain, and soil inside the machine. All kinds of shells, thin iron parts and other rust-prone parts should be painted or fully painted and maintained. The appearance is free of rust spots. For the parts of the corn harvester that must be lubricated, lubrication oil should be added in time to reduce friction, reduce the consumption of harvester power, improve the reliability of the harvester, and extend the life of the harvester. Lubricating grease is added to each lubrication point; each exposed chain, sprocket, cutting table knife row, coulter, etc. shall be separately immersed in the oil pan, or coated with oil, or brushed and tarred; remove the chain, With the diesel oil brushed clean, dirt, and then soaked in the oil, this can extend the life of the chain.

2. Before harvesting, the harvester must check the tightness of the triangle belt. If it is too loose or too tight, it will affect the service life of the harvester. Too loose a triangular belt will cause slippage and reduce work efficiency; over tightening of the triangle belt will increase bearing wear, increase power consumption, and may cause the shaft to be bent. In addition, the harvester must check the tightness of the sprocket before the operation, too tight and easy to wear, too loose chain to jump big, and even jumping off the teeth and the chain off. Once problems are found in agricultural machinery, it is necessary to promptly replace the defective parts, repair the fractures of the support plates and support frames, and ensure the technical integrity of the mechanical framework. The external equipment rust blocks should be stored after the entire vehicle is painted. To control the maintenance requirements, add lubricating grease to the agricultural implements being operated, tighten loose bolts, check for missing parts, and replace missing parts promptly.

After the maintenance is completed, ensure that each locomotive meets the requirements of “Four nets, three leaks, and one intact”, that is, oil net, water net, net net, locomotive net; no oil leakage, no water leakage, no air leakage; the technical state is intact Can be stored.

Canned Tuna

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Product Description
Name Canned Tuna
Flavor Brine, Oil, Salad, Chili
Type Shred, Flake, Chunk, Solid
Net weight 140g, 160g, 170g, 185g, 200g, 1kg, 1.88k.
Brand Our brand or OEM, ODM
Shelf life 3/4 Years
Payment terms T/T, L/C
Delivery time 25 days after label artwork confirmed and advance payment done.
Packing normal lid or easy open,paper label or lithio can, paper carton or shrinked by tray
EU NO. 3302/01034
RUSSIA NO. 3302/01034
Shipping docs Commercial Invoice
Packing List
Bill of Lading
Certificate Of Origin/ Form A
Health Certificate
Veterinary Certificate
Catching certificate
Or as per customer`s request

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