The main raw materials: hawthorn, citric acid (combined into a liquid with a concentration of 50%), white granulated sugar (with a sugar concentration of 75%).

Production method: Select the complete, non-insect fruit, go to the handle, pedicle, nucleus, wash, with a temperature of about 90 °C boiled for 10 minutes after the fish out. Then add 1.5 times the weight of fruit and soak in water for 24 hours. During this time, stir it 5-6 times. Then cook for 5-6 minutes and remove. Add 80% of the fruit weight and put the pulp in the boiler. After cooling, the fruit pulp was made into mud, and the proportion of 400 grams of sugar per kilogram of fruit puree and 3 grams of citric acid (the ratio of sugar added to water to 75% sugar water, and citric acid to 50% acid) was added. Mix the puree with the filtered sugar liquid, heat it in the wok, and pour the remaining mixture of citric acid into the pot. Mix it evenly, and immediately put it out of the pot. When the temperature drops to 80°C, seal it and put it in a pot for 10 minutes to sterilize it. The pan cools and serves.

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