The word “packages” has long been nothing new. Standing in front of the counters of fast-food restaurants, many people have looked up and dazzled with their dazzling array of package styles. Yesterday, the citizen Mr. Wang discovered that this package is still very doorway. The same food and point method are different. The price is different. If you want to be economical, you really have a smart brain.

Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Wang and his friends came to eat at McDonald’s, located at the north exit of Heping Street. Mr. Wang's point is the dual-jiji package plus Big Mac hamburger, and his friend's point is the Big Mac package plus double lucky burger, the food in the two plates is exactly the same, a package plus a burger, but Mr. Wang However, it cost 2.5 yuan more, which made Mr. Wang feel very puzzled.

Mr. Wang said that exactly the same thing, but there is a price difference, the general dining customers can hardly think of this situation, that food is the same as money. It is really troublesome to have to compose your own meals. When ordering meal, waiter can explain.

Last night, the reporter came to the McDonald's restaurant to chat with the staff. The staff member said that in fact, food prices are set by the company, and not an employee can control the price of all foods and packages. They are completely transparently marked for guests to choose freely. There is no question of price uncertainty. Cost-effective, customers can count themselves.

In response, industry insiders said that it is not surprising that food is the same and prices are different. When customers are dining, they need not be too true. In simple terms, the package itself is a kind of concessionary measure. The degree of concessions for each package is different, so the price of different combinations naturally varies. Maths is good and can be cheap. If mathematics is not good, here's a little trick for everyone. If you really can't figure it out, just tell the waiter the food you want, and let the staff help you to combine them so that you can generally get a fair price. .

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