Valve repair and maintenance

1. Check the sealing performance when the valve is closed once a week, that is, determine the sealing effect of the valve by hand touch and ear hearing, and report the problem in time for report processing;

2. Check the cooling water temperature, water pressure and leakage outside the

Chinese rose cutting techniques

The Chinese rose can be cut in all seasons, and the method of autumn is simple. It can be easily managed after entering the winter, and it can bloom in the same year after the branch is planted in the next year. From September to October, the temperature of 20°C to 25°C is the best t

Greenhouse Dehumidification

The air humidity in the shed is often greater than the open air, and it is in a humid state. Therefore, the air humidity management in the shed is mainly dehumidification.

First, ventilation and dehumidification. Ventilation is a good way to reduce humidity. Ventilation must be don

Pregnant sows are fed with stress

Feed supply for pregnant sows is very important. The amount of feed will affect the amount of late lactation and the birth weight of the piglets. Especially in the early stages of sow pregnancy, embryos can be easily absorbed if they are fully fed. Therefore, reasonable feeding becomes the

Antimony drugs common pest control methods

In the process of growth, peony is vulnerable to black spot disease, white peony disease, rust, and pests and diseases such as cockroaches, mites, and spider mites, and must be strengthened.

Black spot

Spraying 65% dexamethasone WP 500 times at the beginning of the disease