In previous years, the fruit seedlings were only sold in March and April of the following year. The fruit growers had just called the fruits to order the seedlings this year, and some of them had even waited for them to come out and snapped them up.

Qilu Evening News November 14 (Reporter Qiu Yanlijun) A few days ago, the harvest of Yantai Apple came to a standstill. However, the fruit grower did not become idle. Instead, it invested a new round of tension to cultivate fruit. On the 14th, the reporter learned from the Yantai Academy of Agricultural Sciences that from the beginning of selling apple seedlings on the 10th, in just three days, more than 500,000 yuan of fruit seedlings have been sold, and the daily average seed sales volume is nearly 20,000.

On the 13th, the reporter went to the Yantai City Academy of Agricultural Science and Fruit Cultivation Base, where the crowds moved and filled the farmers who came to buy seedlings.

"We set off from home at five o'clock this morning and did not buy it in the morning." Chen Xiuren from the Weihai bridge looked a little worried. "I am ready to buy 200 apple seedlings to go back. This year I caught up with Apple's good prices. I planted 13,000 jins of apples on five acres of land and my net income reached 40,000 yuan. So I added 3 acres of land this time. "Chen Xiuren said.

Lin Huajun from Qixia Tangjiabo told the reporter that more than 50 strains were bought last year and peanuts were reserved for a few minutes. This year, they are going to buy 100 apple seedlings and they will not plant peanuts.

"According to this situation, the apple seedlings that we have cultivated this year are afraid that they are not enough to sell." In the face of the besieged farmers, Wang Zhenping, the leader of the Yantai Academy of Agricultural Sciences responsible for seedling production, said.

"In previous years, we started selling fruit in March and April of the following year. This year, the fruit growers just called the apple to order the fruit seedlings. Some of them did not even wait for us to plan to come out and snapped up." Song Laiqing, deputy director of the hospital's resources department, said. He said that the current fruit growers are not only buying fruit seedlings, but also bringing back cultivation techniques. They all know that they have to get married before going back and wait for the next year to plant them.

It is understood that the apple seedlings cultivated by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences are best known for the detoxification of smoke-rich tobacco No.3. Last year, the first-stage seedlings cost 8 yuan per plant, and the seedlings of more than 2 meters even cost about 15 yuan each. The price is 6 yuan more than last year. , 7 yuan, even so, there are still many farmers to grab.

Mr. Cui Wansuo, who is responsible for distributing fruit seedlings in the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that since the sale of fruit seedlings on the 10th, as of the 13th, in just three days, there have been hundreds of customers on the side of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences and 160,170 signatures per day. About a total amount of up to more than 50 million, the total number of apple seedlings sold per day is more than 10,000 strains.

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