Money tree cultivation method

Morphological characteristics

Zamioculcaszamiifo-lia is an evergreen perennial plant of the genus Araceae. It is named because of its richly arranged leaves resembling copper coins. It is an excellent indoor foliage plant popular in recent years. The plant height is 50 to 80 cm, an

Artificial propagation of salmon

First, the choice of broodstock 1. The source of the broodstock: The broodstock used for artificial breeding, first, from the natural waters to catch the weight of 0.25 ~ 0.75 kg, a total length of 21 to 31 centimeters, after the return of 30 to 50 days The short-term cultivation can be mature

Autumn corn management technology

At present, it is a critical period for the management of summer corn. In response to the current growing trend of the corn and the climate characteristics of this year, the management of corn in the later period should be done in time to ensure the increase in production in autumn.

Autumn duck body is weak and refreshed

In autumn, the temperature gradually decreases, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the sunshine time becomes shorter. The fall duck that hatched in the previous year, after half a year's production of eggs, has been very tired. If there is a slight carelessn

Soybean Formula Fertilization Technology

Characteristics of Soybean Absorbing Fertilizer Soybeans are divided into three periods. The seeds germinate until the beginning of flowering. The beginning of the flowering period is the middle period, and the final flowering period is the final flowering period. The peak of N uptake of s

Summer fish farming to "four diligence"

1. Check the patrol ponds on a regular basis. The anti-floating head should inspect the pond 2 or 3 times a day. Look for fish floating heads before and after dawn. Check the fish's feeding situation in the afternoon and check the fish's eating conditions and signs of floating head

Yangmei harvesting and storage technology

May and June are the seasons of ripening and harvesting of bayberry. The timely harvesting of Yangmei, timely storage and preservation work is an important part of improving economic efficiency. The following describes the bayberry harvesting and storage technology:

Determine the h

Summer vegetables prevent three major diseases

In summer, when the temperature is high and it is rainy, the vegetables are prone to diseases, and the appearance and food quality are affected, and the production is greatly reduced. There are roughly three kinds of diseases that must be controlled:

1. Seedlings of epidemic diseas

Three Winter Jujube Leaf Diseases and Their Control

Leaves of the leaf spot disease winter jujube leaves appear brownish-brown round spots, and then form round spots, diameter 1-1.5 mm. When the disease is heavy, the leaves fall down early, affecting fruit setting and young fruit falling off early. Leaf lesions appear brown spots and yellow lea

Peasant chicken simple disinfection method

Boiling disinfection method to clean the items to be disinfected and immersed in water, heated and boiled for 20 to 30 minutes until the natural cooling after taking; fed chicken bowls, immune syringes and needles, etc., can be boiled disinfection. This method is both simple and economical