Appropriate amount of fertilizer for vegetables

At present, people often attach great importance to the harm of pesticide residues, and ignore the hazards of fertilizer residues, which is very unscientific. In fact, if a large amount of chemical nitrogenous fertilizer is applied to vegetables, it will cause fertilizer damage, resulting

Determination and calculation of hatchability

The hatching performance mainly includes the qualification rate of eggs, the fertilization rate and the hatching rate.

(1) Breeding Rate of Breeding Eggs The number of eggs produced by female ducks in accordance with the requirements of this breed and strain in the specified laying

How to do the secondary flowering of fruit trees?

The second flowering of fruit trees in autumn will seriously affect the normal growth of fruit trees and the second year of production. It is a taboo for the production of fruit trees. In areas where seasonal changes are evident in China, most fruit trees begin to germinate in the spring and b

Top ten wheat main push technology

Wheat standardized sowing technology

Standardized seeding techniques for wheat include tilling, soil preparation, ploughing, or rolling after rotavating. Suitable for lyrical and pre-planting stalks. Special attention should be paid to watering and hoeing or repression in solid soi

Remember six kinds of wrong breakfast

The danger of not eating breakfast is already recognized by more and more people. Breakfast must eat, but at the same time also pay attention to how to eat, should not eat. Incorrect breakfast eating habits can also harm your health and take away your happiness. There are several quite com

The reproduction of peony parrots

1, prepare the nest

In captivity, peony parrots can be bred almost all year round, but in the cold winter and hot summer months, nest boxes should be dismantled and the breeding season should be controlled in the spring and autumn seasons. For the preparation of cages and nest boxe

Milk restores strength to sports drinks

According to reports, after participating in high-intensity training, some people believe that water can restore strength, while others cannot withstand the temptation of sports drinks. However, what the athlete really needs after training is actually just a glass of milk.

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