Tomato freeze injury

Tomato is a thermophilic crop and its tolerance in cold environments is limited. When the tomato or nursery is cultivated in winter and spring or deep winter season, it will suffer from low temperature and cold when encountering low temperature or frost. When the greenhouse temperature is

Wheat rust prevention and control technology

Wheat rust has 3 kinds of rust, leaf rust and stalk rust. Occurrence of strip rust is the most serious hazard. If the temperature in winter is high, the rainfall in early spring from March to April is high, and if the humidity in the field is too high, rust is prone to occur.
First, the r

How to prevent grapes from producing granules

Grapes are formed as a result of seed abortion. It has been observed that the number of mature small granule seeds is equal to that of large granule seeds, but the young material seeds are all in the young stage and are small and non-human. If there is a mature seed in the fruit, the fruit can

Introduction and Cultivation Technique of Pear

1, the characteristics of varieties

1.1 Dwarf trees, thick branches, short internodes, thick and dark green leaves. Strong budding, moderate branching power. After the branches are leveled or the result is easy to form short fruit branches.

1.2 Flowering is easy to colonize

Potato, corn, soybeans and spinach

Potatoes, corn, soybeans, and spinach are highly efficient and can produce 1,200 kilograms of potatoes, 400 kilograms of corn, 700 kilograms of soybeans, and 3,500 kilograms of spinach per acre.

The potato was selected for its good yield, large tuber, early maturation and resistanc

Some Important Roles of Candida albicans

Several Important Roles of Cleococcus Candidum L. caninum contains a variety of effective or special effects components, which can have a good recovery or reduce the pain of tumors, diabetes, HIV and other diseases. Mainly reflected in: (1) can enhance the body's i

American hybrid apricot plums shaping and trimming

American hybrid apricot plum has the advantages of beautiful fruit color, sweet flavor, high soluble solids content, tolerance to storage, adaptability and strong stress resistance. The plastic and trimming techniques are described below:
First, shaping According to the growth characteris

How to prevent high zinc deficiency in wheat

Zinc deficiency in wheat is a physiological disease caused by lack of zinc in the soil, which often leads to a decline in the grain weight of wheat, which generally affects about 10% of wheat yield. When wheat lacks zinc during the growth period, the internodes are shortened, the leaves are cl