Potatoes, corn, soybeans, and spinach are highly efficient and can produce 1,200 kilograms of potatoes, 400 kilograms of corn, 700 kilograms of soybeans, and 3,500 kilograms of spinach per acre.

The potato was selected for its good yield, large tuber, early maturation and resistance to the disease. Each combination is 2 meters wide. From the end of December to the beginning of January, 4 rows of potatoes are planted on the edge, with a row spacing of 35 centimeters and a spacing of 20 centimeters. About 6600 holes are sown per acre. Before sowing, three yuan compound fertilizer per acre 50 kg, manure 500 kg, 15 kg of urea during the expansion of tubers, after sowing cover film, above a small arch shed. Timely soil, generally earth 2 times, seedling height 8 to 10 cm soil once, every 8 to 10 days after earth 1 time. Harvested in mid-May.

Corn selection Suyu 19 varieties. In early April, a row of spring corn was planted in the middle of the empty plot, with a 20 cm hole spacing. 2 seedlings were left in each hole, and about 3300 seedlings were planted per acre. Each mus base cooked decomposition of 1500 kg of sheep fat or ammonium bicarbonate 50 kg; early application of Miao Fei, manure per acre applied to manure 500 kilograms; heavy ear fertilizer, applied Ammonium bicarbonate per acre 50 kg. Pay attention to control corn borer. Harvesting ended at the end of August.

Soybeans use Swan Egg No. 1 variety. After the potato was harvested, 4 rows of green soybeans were planted in the original potato plot with a 30-cm spacing and 2 seedlings per hole. 20 kg per hectare of base compound fertilizer; due to seedling planting good manure, applying 5-8 kg of urea per acre. Good control of soybean meal during the harvest period. Harvesting ended at the end of August.

Spinach chooses a super pioneer variety. Soybeans and corn were planted after harvest and were planted in deep sorghum sorghum. The sorghum was 1.2 meters wide, and 6 rows were planted in each row, with a spacing of 20 centimeters and about 50,000 seedlings per acre. Application of urea 5 ~ 6 kg per mu for Dingmiao fertilizer. The second time dressing fertilizer applied 15 kg of urea per acre. The last time the fertilizer is applied 15 days before harvest, ammonium bicarbonate 25-30 kg per acre. Fertilizer can not be spread to prevent the leaves from affecting the quality of white spots, should be added water ditch pouring, water with fertilizer. Cover soil after fertilization to promote vigorous growth of spinach. During the growing season, it will be watered and moistened in time and in case of continuous heavy rain, the drainage system will be dredged.

Convenience Food means that it can be prefabricated, or it can be eaten now. The food is made into semi-finished products or finished products, and then frozen. It can be easily processed at any time and can be eaten anytime and anywhere.
Features of convenience food:

1. Easy to eat and easy to carry. Convenience foods are packed in specifications and are easy to carry. They are easy to process when they are eaten. They only need to be rehydrated, thawed or heated slightly to save time and effort.

2, nutritious, health and safety. Convenience foods are processed with reasonable ingredients and foods, and undergo strict sanitary inspection, sterilization and packaging, so the nutrition is rich, safe and reliable.

3. Low cost and low price. Convenience foods use large-scale industrialized centralized production, which can make full use of food resources and achieve comprehensive utilization, thus greatly reducing production costs and sales prices.

Convenience Food

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