American hybrid apricot plum has the advantages of beautiful fruit color, sweet flavor, high soluble solids content, tolerance to storage, adaptability and strong stress resistance. The plastic and trimming techniques are described below:
First, shaping According to the growth characteristics and species habits of American hybrid apricot plum, its suitable tree shape is a multi-master natural happy shape and double-layer evacuation happy shape.
The multi-branches naturally have a 50-centimetre dry height, and are arranged in 4 to 5 main branches on the trunk, all extending at an opening angle of 45 degrees. Two to three lateral branches were left on each main branch and the lateral branches were opened at an angle of 60 degrees. Plastic surgery method: After colonization, first dry at a height of 60 to 70 cm. When the length of new shoots drawn in the spring shaping belt reaches about 30 cm, 5 to 7 new shoots are selected to continue growing, and the rest are removed. When the new shoots are about 50 centimeters long, leave 4 to 5 branches with uniform growth and azimuth orientation as the main branches. The remaining shoots will be leveled and the temporary shoots will be cultivated. When cutting winter, leave 50 cm for the main branch for short cuts and rest for slow release. From the second year onwards, 2 to 3 lateral branches are gradually cultivated at a position 50 cm above the base of the main branch to cultivate lateral branches.
The double evacuation of the open heart is 50 cm high and the main branch is arranged in two layers. The first three main branches, extending at an angle of 45 degrees, each branch with 3 to 4 lateral branches, lateral branch opening angle of 60 to 80 degrees, interval of 80 to 100 cm; the second layer of the two main branches, The resulting shoots were directly cultured on the main shoots. The cultivation method is: 1 dry wipe buds. The dry height is generally about 70 cm. After drying, the main branch of the first layer was selected in the plastic band, and the buds below the plastic band were all erased. 2 choose to stay main collateral. After the stems were dried in the same year, 3 to 4 branches with appropriate growth and suitable angles were identified as the main branch from the plastic band. In the winter pruning, 50 cm short cuts are left, and the rest of the branches except the standing Wangshu sparse are slowly put. 3 upper culture. In the second to third year of winter cutting, when cutting the main branch of the lower layer, the 3rd or 4th bud under the cutting must be purposefully left on the back or on the upper side of the ramp, and the first branch should be placed after the branch. When the next year's pruning, the excavation head is then excavated according to its height and height at a height of 1 to 1.2 meters, forming an upper canopy. At the same time, in the second layer of pruning should pay attention to the combination of slow release and thinning.
Second, pruning summer trim American hybrid apricot plum early fruit tree with short fruit branches and bouquet-like fruit branch results, and most varieties are sensitive to pruning, germination force, strong branching force, prone to leggy branches. Therefore, in the summer pruning, we should stick to the principle of thinning or not cutting, and the emphasis should be on removing overlapping branches, sprouting twigs and dense branches on the inside, erecting branches on the back, etc. to improve the ventilation and light transmission of the trees. condition. Its main pruning method: 1 topping. For the branches and extension branches, the heart can be picked from late April to mid-May to promote secondary branches. On Wang branches, upright branches and leggy branches, the heart can be picked in mid-June to ease the vigor and promote flower buds. form. 2 ring cut (or ringing). For a tree or branch that is prone to prosperous growth, ring cutting (or girdling) may be performed around mid-May, but the width of the girdling cannot exceed 1/10 of the diameter of the tree or stem. 3 pull branches. It can be carried out from mid-May to mid-June. When pulling branches, the main and side branches should be pulled apart according to the requirements of the tree. It should not be flattened or drooped. 4 Thinning. The sparse objects are competition branches, drooping branches, leggy branches and dense branches. 5 In addition to 蘖. In the budding period, the sprouting at the trimmer and the lychee on the main stem should be erased in time to facilitate the concentration of nutrition.
Winter pruning American hybrid apricot plums should be based on the principle of “light shear and slow release” in the winter shearing, with 50 to 60 centimeters for the extension branch of the main branch, and about 40 centimeters for the side branch on the main branch to form the result branch. For other branches, slow-release is still dominant, and there is room for flattening. For thin branches, dense branches, cross branches can be removed. The cut-off buds that cut off the main and lateral branches should be the following buds or lateral buds, and should maintain a certain relationship between master and slave.

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