1, the characteristics of varieties

1.1 Dwarf trees, thick branches, short internodes, thick and dark green leaves. Strong budding, moderate branching power. After the branches are leveled or the result is easy to form short fruit branches.

1.2 Flowering is easy to colonize The shoots of the year can be used to form top flower buds. The new shoots of the tree can be used to form flower buds or top flower buds. The taller buds that grow on the tree are more buds.

1.3 Early fruits and high yields In the spring of the year, high quality seedlings planted in spring, the flower bud rate of the top flower buds can reach 5% to 10%; the flowering tree rate of 2 years old trees is 20% to 30%, the average strains produce 3 to 4kg; The rate is 95%, the average strain yields 10 ~ 13kg, the highest is 21kg; the 4-year-old tree has a flowering plant rate of 100%, and the average strain yields 25 ~ 30kg, with a maximum of 42kg. The first five years of sapling production is 3 to 4 times higher than those of pears, pears, and snow pears.

1.4 The fruit traits are nearly round, with an average fruit weight of 286 g and a maximum of 800 g. The surface is smooth and sallow, with a small spot, medium density, and a beautiful appearance. The flesh of the flesh is white, the flesh is fine and brittle, there is no slag, and the juice is very much. Storage-resistant.

1.5 Strong resistance to scab and early defoliation.

1.6 Maturity and early maturation In early August, it is the off-season sales of fruits, which have high prices and good returns.

2, cultivation techniques

2.1 planting density and tree spacing of 2.5m4m, using double-layer happy shape; spacing of 2m3m, using a spindle; spacing of 1m3m, using inverted herringbone. After a few years, the results can be appropriately thinned as needed.

2.2 Configuration of Pollination Tree The self-pollination pear-setting fruiting rate of August Crisp pears is low, and pollinating trees must be configured. The varieties are crisp pear, early crisp, golden flower, snowflake and Chonghua pear.

2.3 When the seedling height is 1m, select the full bud to be dry at 70~80cm; if the seedling height is more than 1m, it is not dry, and the rope is pulled 70~80cm to the northwest or southeast to make it become flower early. Early results.

2.4 Soil and Fertilizer Water Management When planting, large pits should be dug enough to apply organic fertilizer. In the winter, the soil layers should be dug through as much as possible. After that, the tree tray should be shaved every year to make the soil loose and transparent, which will facilitate the extension of the root system. Saplings were planted with 0.2 kg urea before germination. Results 1~2kg urea was applied before the big tree flower. In the beginning of July, 1~2kg of three-element compound fertilizer was applied on the ring groove for each strain to enlarge the fruit. After harvesting fruit, it is the second peak of growth of the root system in mid-August. It is necessary to reapply basal fertilizer, apply 50 to 100 kg of human excreta, 20 kg of cooked cake fertilizer, or about 50 kg of decomposed chicken manure and pig manure. Each time after top dressing, it should be filled with water, and it should be filled 4 to 5 times a year. Especially in the early fruit-expansion period in July, irrigation is particularly important for increasing fruit size and seizing high yields.

2.5 Fruit bagging In order to reduce the pest damage and drug contamination, spray insecticide bactericide after setting fruit and bag the pear fruit.

2.6 Pruning For pruning, double-layered happy-shape trees are used. The first layer has 3 to 4 main branches and the second layer has 2 main branches. Each main branch has two branches, and the first and second layer spacing is 1.5 to 2 meters. The total height of the tree is 3m. Using a spindle-shaped tree, leaving a main branch every 20cm, a total of about 10 main branches are selected and distributed spirally. The height of the tree is about 2.5m. Inverted herringbone-shaped tree, a major branch sticking out between the southeast and northwest lines, the main branch directly cultivated the result of the branch, the tree height does not exceed 2m. When the latter two trees are pruned, the angles of the branches must be increased, and the short and short branches should be left free. The result should be no longer empty, and the results should be removed afterwards to ensure that the growth results are correct.

2.7 Prevention and control of pests and diseases, comprehensive prevention and control. After clearing the deciduous trees, the litter is treated and the sources of overwintering pests and diseases are eradicated. Before germination, spray 3~5Be lime sulfur or 0.3% sodium pentachlorophenol to spray the pathogenic eggs. After germination, according to the occurrence of aphids, beetles and weevils, spraying 40% of omethoate 1000 times or a net 800 times. After the end of June, the 200-fold Bordeaux mixture was sprayed every half-month. In July-September, 1000 times of water-containing phosphorothioosulfan or pyrethroid pesticides were sprayed once every half month to prevent pear nettles and leaf-feeding pests.

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