Grapes are formed as a result of seed abortion. It has been observed that the number of mature small granule seeds is equal to that of large granule seeds, but the young material seeds are all in the young stage and are small and non-human. If there is a mature seed in the fruit, the fruit can be slightly larger; when there are 2 mature seeds, the fruit can grow into a medium size; when there are 3 mature seeds, it can develop into normal large particles. fruit. So, how to prevent grapes from producing small particles?
1. Strengthen the management of fertilizer and water during the flowering period to ensure that there are sufficient nutrients for the "critical period of fruit setting nutrition" and the "critical period for seed development and nutrition" after flowering.
2. In the early flowering period to the full flowering period of grapes, spray 0.2% borax solution once every 7 days, spray 2-3 times, promote pollen tube germination and increase fertilization rate.
3, strengthen the summer cut. From the beginning of flowering to the full flowering stage, the result of the branch was topping and removing all the lateral side shoots, leaving only one tip at the top, and then leaving 1-2 leaves for the tip of the top tip after 7 days. If it sprouts 2 times, it will be timely. Erase.
4, artificial axillary spike. 1/5-1/4 of spikes were removed 2-3 days before flowering. This measure has obvious effects on the rose and new rose varieties, with high spike rate and large spikes.

Ya Pear is packed with health benefiting nutrients such as dietary fiber,anti-oxidants,minerals and vitamins, which are necessary for optimum health.Total measured antioxidant strength in pear.  Pear are good source of dietary fiber and very low calorie fruit,also are a mild,sweet fruit with a fibrous center.Pear are rich in importantioxidants,flavonoids and dietary fiber and pack all of those nutrients in a fat-free,cholesterol-free,100-calorie package. That`s very good for our health. If you need it,please feel free to contact me as below.

Type: Ya pear

Style: Fresh

Size: 36#/40#/44#/48#/72#/80#/96#

Grade: Class A

Package: 4kg carton to 18kg carton 

Place of origin: Hebei Province

Taste: Sweet,soft,crisp 

Color: Light yellow 

Fresh season: August to September

Supplying time: August to May next year 

Payment term: LC/TT/Flexible

Crop: 2018 year

Delicious Ya Pear

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Fresh Ya Pear 18/20/22 4KG

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