Jinbao Bio-fertilizer (Fertilizer Management in Strawberry Cultivation)
Strawberry is hailed as the "King of Fruit" and is deeply loved by consumers. Strawberry cultivation is very knowledgeable in the management of soil and water and fertilizer. How to produce green strawberries with good quality and high yield is the key to fertilizing the soil to promote nutritional balance and increase soil production potential. The measures are as follows:
The first is to pay attention to the application of biological bacterial fertilizer. Generally, the total soil potassium and total phosphorus per acre are up to 180 and 120 kg respectively, but 80-90% of crops cannot be directly absorbed and utilized. The addition of biological bacterial fertilizers, especially better biological bacterial fertilizers (such as konjac biological bacterial fertilizers), is an inevitable choice for the reduction of chemical fertilizers. Practices in various places have proved that the application of 7.5-10 kilograms of organic biofertilizer for quality golden vines makes the strawberry plants robust, has more fruit set, good fruit type, longer picking period, and once applied, benefiting the whole growth period, and the effect is unique.
The second is to increase the maturity of organic fertilizers. This is the basis for increasing fertility. Organic manure is a complete fertilizer. It can not only supply the various nutrients necessary for crop breeding, but also has a major effect on the continuous high yield of agriculture, the activation of soil nutrients, and the improvement of soil. However, organic manure must be fully decomposed to reduce the spread of disease (proposal to the use of goldfish starter), otherwise it will have an adverse effect on strawberries.
The third is to extensively apply decomposed human excreta. Nitrogen is the basic element of crop growth and plays an important role in fruit enlargement and early maturation. Human feces and urine (to be fully decomposed by Golden Baby Starter) is completely nutritious, rich in nitrogen, and is present in all households. It is widely used in the growing period of strawberry to treat human fecal urine and combine with watering. The effect is very good. Details can visit the website or consult.

The name "goji" is a relatively recent name used for the species Lycium barbarum and Lycium chinense. In East Asia, these species have a long history of use as both a food item and for medicinal purposes. The fruits of this plant, the goji berries, have gained popularity over the past decade due to their promoted health benefits.

 Our Low Pesticide Goji Berry is produced in accordance with the EU standards 0231010 : Tomatoes(goji berry is classified to tomatoes).

For the low pesticide goji berry, we control it in the planting process. A month or so before picking, it is forbidden for farmers to spray pesticides on the goji trees. In addition, we strictly prohibit farmers to use prohibited pesticides.

Of course, the types and quantities of pesticides need to be tested to confirm. We could offer organic certificate and test report, there are more than 200 items scanned by EUROFINS, Complies with EU standard.




Conventional Goji Berry


Meet CIQ inspection standards


Dried Goji Berries resemble red raisins and this evergreen, deciduous shrub grows in the subtropical and temperate regions in Mongolia, China and the Himalayan regions of Nepal and Tibet. It belongs to the Solanaceae family similar to deadly nightshade, eggplant, tomato and potato. Goji berries have a mildly tangy flavor and can be consumed as dried fruit, juice, and capsules and added to various recipes. Goji berries are very tender.Tibetan  Goji  Berry

Size 280 Conventional Goji Berry

Size 280 Conventional Goji Berry,Conventional Dried Goji Berries,Goji Berry Weight Loss Pills,Organic Sun Dried Goji Berries

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