Spring cabbage violet pest control technology

As long as pest control is properly managed, purple cabbage is rarely diseased, so it is easy to produce pollution-free products that can be eaten raw. Purple cabbage may suffer from damping-off disease, downy mildew and other seedling diseases only when the humidity is high at the seedling st

White Jasmine Disease

Jasmine white feather disease is the most serious disease of jasmine. When the disease is severe, plants die and affect the yield. They are distributed in Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Fuzhou and Taiwan.
Symptoms and diseases occur in the root neck and roots, and when condition

Orchard raising chicken attention issues

In recent years, as the pace of forestry reform has accelerated, more and more farmers have used forest land to support chickens. In this mode of production, chickens provide organic fertilizers for trees and feed on pests; trees also create a suitable environment for the growth of chicken

Application of chlorinated fertilizer four things

First, avoid sensitive periods for sensitive crops and crops. The sensitivity and tolerance of chlorine vary greatly among different crops and varieties. Chlorine-sensitive crops are known as bogey-free crops, such as tobacco, tea, citrus, grapes, watermelons, potatoes, and milk vetch, and

Four functions of silage fermentation feed

Four functions of silage fermentation feed Silage fermentation has obvious advantages over direct drying and feeding of straw:
1. Preservation of nutrients: In the course of storage, feed must have a certain amount of nutrient loss. However, the method of stora

Five Methods to Increase Pig Feed Utilization Rate

The right amount of feed is currently in pig production, the more easily overlooked issue is to pay attention only to the nutritional level per kilogram of feed, and do not pay attention to feed the amount of daily feed. Although the breeder can formulate the feed in strict accordance with

Winter sheep management methods

In the winter, the weather is cold, the grass is rough and the nutrition is lost. The flock has many difficulties in winter grazing. In particular, most of the sheep in the flock do not only need nutrients themselves, but also need nutrition for the growth and development of the fetus. The gra

Secrets of the golden baby god capsule

There are a large number of reports that the Kampo Capsule can prevent and cure some difficult diseases. These diseases often bring great difficulties and burdens to individuals, families, and society. Therefore, they are concerned by the medical community and society.

Control method of cucumber root rot

1. Fusarium root rot is the main root rot species of non-grafted cucumber.

It mainly affects roots and rhizomes. The roots were initially immersed in water, causing decay afterwards and browning when dry, but the stem base did not contract. The stems were initially immersed in wate