Feeding water in winter

In the winter, when the climate in the north is cold, the amount of drinking water in the water tanks is reduced, and the water in the water tanks is icing, so some of the market will withdraw the water tank, dilute the feed, and no longer feed the water. This practice is extremely harmful

About the time when the beef cattle slaughtered

According to tests conducted by professional departments, the growth and development pattern of beef cattle is: Beef cattle grow faster before 1 year old, and the growth rate slows down after 1 year old, especially after 1.6-2 years old. Taking the Charolais beef cattle as an example, the dail

Silage key

When silage is a key to silage, livestock feeds are more like to eat and the cost is lower. Silage is also good and bad. In order to obtain a good fermented silage, the necessary conditions are: 1. A good source of fermentation - functional microorganisms, there is

Flower bonsai leaf picking technology

In the process of flower bonsai cultivation and management, timely and appropriate picking of leaves can promote flower branches, leaves, and flowering results, which is conducive to enhancing the ornamental value of flower bonsai and extending the viewing time. Different types of flowers,

Beef cattle efficient cattle technology

(a) Requirements for environmental facilities. The suitable temperature for cattle growth is 10-25°C. Due to the use of closed accommodation, it is required to have good lighting, drainage, ventilation and heat preservation performance, easy to implement disinfection, ventilation, adjus

Occurrence and Control of Orchid Anthrax

Orchid anthracnose is one of the main diseases of orchid cultivation in South China. It is more common in China, and it is a serious disease that harms orchids. In addition to orchids, it also harms poinsettia, jasmine, privet, bergamot, and hibiscus.

Symptoms: The appearance of re

Method of converting sludge into fertilizer

The method of converting sludge into fertilizer can make the sludge a renewable resource, not only solves the problem of sludge waste, but also fundamentally solves the secondary pollution caused by improper use of sludge containing heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria

Duck egg production method

Maintain the temperature of the duck house and do a good job in cleaning the duck house. Use a plastic film buckle on the outside of the duck house to increase the temperature in the house.

Ensure that the light time promotes the ducks to produce more eggs, and supplement the ducks

Nutrient-free yellow-skin pest control technology

Seedless pests have less pests and diseases than oranges, and they are also easier to control. Generally, there are a small number of aphids, blown cotton scale insects, longhorned cattle and anthracnose, etc.:

(I) Major diseases and their prevention methods


The effect of top dressing outside beetroot is good

If there is poor fertility during the growing period of sugar beet, the fertilizer will be topdressing if the base fertilizer is insufficient. According to many years of practice, the author believes that the later the topdressing, the worse the effect of increasing yield. Overdressing the