Early Spring Laying Tips

The early spring laying hens referred to here refer to the chicks hatched around the end of February of the lunar calendar. This layer chicken grows fast, profits more and has higher economic benefits.

Cold and warm

The appropriate amount of early spring chicken is around 2

Ramie planting techniques

Urtica belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae, and is also known as kenaf and castor. “Xiazaa No. 1” Ramie is an efficient cash crop introduced by the demonstration base of Mudan District, Heze City, Shandong Province. At the same time, it is an important Chinese herbal medicine.

Asparagus culture medium preparation

Tissue culture generally uses MS medium. In the preparation, a large number of elements, trace elements, vitamins, and iron salts are first formulated into a mother liquor. Then, the mother liquor is sequentially mixed with a pipette or a graduated cylinder and mixed together, and added to the

Rose dew - a magic weapon for women

Rose Dew - The magic weapon for women is the most intimate partner of the people. It takes a long time to get along. However, people’s health and hygiene in such a small space (such as the fresh air or the intensity of radiation, etc.) have become major probl

Greenhouse farming machine operating notes

1. When crossing the gutters or fields, use the pedals: To enter the paddy field, through the gutter, or through a soft place, you must use the pedal to move at the lowest speed. The pedal width, strength, length should be suitable for this machine. On the pedals, do not operate the steering h

Biogas-fueled internal combustion engine

Gas-fueled internal combustion engines, such as gas engines, liquefied petroleum gas engines, and natural gas-powered engines, do not need to be refitted when refueling biogas. They can be used instead of gas, as long as the biogas transmission line is directly connected to the original ga

Biogas Liquid to Control Pests and Diseases

Biogas contains a variety of biologically active substances, such as amino acids, trace elements, plant growth stimulants, B vitamins, and certain antibiotics. Among the organic acids, butyric acid and phytohormones, gibberellin, indole acetic acid and vitamin B12 have obvious inhibitory e