Grass breeding goose technical points

Goose is a grass-eating poultry and grows fast and resistant to roughage. Its unique flavor and good quality are a good way for farmers to increase their income. The development of grass breeding and geese industry, and the increase of green vegetation are conducive to ecological protectio

Early Bell No. 6 Management of Young Trees

“Zhaozhong No.6” is a precocious and fine glutinous rice variety promoted by the “One Township One Product” project in Xihe Town, Dapu County. Its main management techniques for young trees are as follows:
1. Reasonable fertilization

The “early be

Yunnan winter potato balanced fertilization

At present, the potato has become one of the main winter crops in the southern part of the province. The annual planting area is about 500,000 mu, the net income is between 700 and 800 yuan, and the total output value is more than 300 million yuan. It is a major highlight of the farmers

Pig feed alternative

Some stems and leaves of crops are excellent pig feed. Used to feed pigs, not only nutritious, pigs love to eat, but also save feed and reduce the cost of raising pigs. Straws of crops that can be used to feed pigs are:
1, sweet potato vines. In sweet potato harve


There are more and more varieties of flowers that can be cultivated at home. There is no need to limit themselves to the natural environment. For example, asparagus, Cyclamen, Orchid, Evergreen, Brazilwood, Monstera, Milan, Clivia, Camellia, Jasmine, Rhododendron, a