Goldbaby is resistant

Jinbao antibiotics compound antibacterial agent, which belongs to antibiotics actinomycetes, is mainly developed for the dysenteric disorders caused by the imbalance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients in the soil, deficiency of trace elements, nematodes

Pork lean meaty tips

With the improvement of the living standards, quality of life, and average life expectancy of our people, fat and meat have gradually been neglected. Lean meat has become the best food for modern people to eat meat.

(I) Mastering the growth and development of pigs

The growt

Rice transplanter features

First, the characteristics of rice transplanter

1, better mechanical properties. The rice transplanter of the 1960s was developed for the characteristics of the root wash seedlings. When the machine was inserted, the claws could not be controlled freely, which affected the evenness

Yangling solves the mystery of Apple's "cancer"

In recent years, apple rot disease has been serious and has a wide range. From saplings to senescence trees to varying degrees, and even some trees die, causing the destruction of gardens. Fruit farmers refer to rot as the “cancer” of fruit trees.

Recently, Professor An

Rose effect

The effect of Rose Dew Potions Rose Hydrosol is almost omnipotent, and there is no need to make excuses when using it. It is highly recommended to treat it as a balance of hormones of all ages by dilution after oral administration. And when used in combination with

Golden baby bacteria fertilizer benefits

The benefits of cultivating flowers from the golden jewels are also good for multi-family flower-cultivation with fungus fertilizers, and they have the functional characteristics that ordinary fertilizers do not have. Here, we will introduce the good origins of cult

Natural pig farming method

In 2006, Shandong Province introduced the natural pig raising law. After more than one year of experimentation, demonstration and promotion, it has achieved remarkable results in Zaozhuang, Tai'an and Zibo. This has solved the environmental pollution caused by swine and promoted the health

Hydroponics agent operating instructions

A baby pack of golden treasure can be fermented with 2000 kg of water. The specific operation is as follows: Now mix this product with 3 to 5 kg of rice bran, and then mix it with 1,000 kg of dilute water, 50 kg of soybean meal (rape seed meal, cotton seed meal, and