Middle name: Petunia scientific name: Petunia hybrida Vilm Family genus: Solanaceae petunia Morphological characteristics: Perennial herb. Plants 15--40 cm tall, much branched, stems green. Leaves opposite, elliptic, 3.5--5 cm long, 2-3.5 cm wide, paper, dark green, entire; whole plant with wh


Scientific name: Ludisia discolor

Chinese name: Blood leaf blue, American Anoectochilus

District: China, Southeast Asia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia

Plant size: 10 ~ 15 cm

Flower Path: 1.5 ~ 2 cm

Flowering Period: Spring ~ Summer

Flower Shou:

Peanut Sheller Usage Tips

Right now, peanuts have entered the harvest season and there are more and more farmers using peanut shellers. However, due to the failure to properly grasp the use of peanut sheller, a number of operators have failed to give full play to their proper performance. Not only are the shells of

The cultivation of walnut trees

Appropriate cultivation:
1. Walnut is widely distributed in China because of its adaptability. It is cultivated in more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions in the north and south.
2. Walnuts belong to hi light plants, suitable for cultivation on sunny slopes or flat land. The an

How to buy safe compound fertilizers

Fertilizer is the food of plants, and it is an irreplaceable input for agricultural production. It is the carrier of advanced agricultural science and technology and the basis for farmers to increase their income. It determines the quality and output of agricultural products and plays an i

The use and maintenance of winter agricultural machinery

Winter is the coldest season of the year, and the cold weather has brought considerable pressure and difficulties to the use of agricultural machinery. Winter is also a season of high incidence of agricultural accidents. Therefore, operators and drivers must be particularly careful and cau


Benxi City, the name of the flower Magnolia sieboldii Alias ​​flower girl name Mulanke morphological characteristics of small deciduous trees, high 10m. Branchlets and buds pilose. Leaf broadly elliptic or obovate-oblong, leaves with white powder. Flowers solitary, opposite to le

Which rose varieties are suitable for potted plants

Roses are known as Moon, Red Rose, Doll Snow, Periwinkle, Four Seasons, Thin Kettle, Sheng Chunhua, Sheng Chun, Sheng Hong and Sheng Hua. Rosaceae, rose, evergreen shrub or vine. In the colorful gardens, the Chinese roses are beautiful and graceful. They are fragrant and full of fragrance. The


Scientific name: Aponogeton taiwanensis Masamune

Common name: Convolvulus

Department: Department of Minamae

Introduction: Perennial submerged floating-leafed monocotyledonous plants prefer a warm and sunny environment. There are two kinds of tubers underground tub


Sansevieria native to ten drought-prone Africa and southern Asia, sexual warm and humid, resistant to drought, hi light and shade tolerance. The demand for soil is not strict, and sandy loam with good drainage is preferable. Its optimum growth temperature is 20-30°C, and the wintering t

Gray Leaf Spot disease control measures

Corn gray spot disease, also known as leaf spot disease, corn leaf spot disease, in recent years, the incidence of an upward trend, a serious threat.


The main damage leaves. The lesions were elliptical to oblong in shape at the onset of the disease, with no obviou

Swiss Brown Cow

Brown Swiss is a milk-and-flesh variety that is native to the Swiss Alps, mainly in Valais. The local short-horned cattle are bred under long-term selection and breeding conditions under good husbandry and management conditions.

1. Appearance characteristics

The coat is brown, from