Storage of remaining pesticides must be "five"

It is not uncommon for peasant friends to purchase pesticides that are not used at one time. How can the remaining pesticides be properly stored to prevent volatilization failure and human and livestock poisoning? The author believes that the following “five preventions” must be im

Anhui wheat head blight will be moderately serious

Based on the analysis of factors such as the bacterial colonization rate of the scab strain, it is expected that the medium-heavy wheat scab in the central Jianghuai region of Anhui Province and its south wheat region will be moderately weighted (natural disease ear rate 10%~30%), in the north

Lobster pool cleaning method

Crayfish rearing in ponds, once mixed with wild squid, black fish, squid and other miscellaneous fish, will lead to food and lobster competition phenomenon, to a large extent interfere with the normal feeding and growth of lobster, and even make crawfish in a certain period of time up Less tha

What factors can affect the fertilization rate of eggs?

The fertilization rate of the eggs not only directly affects the hatching rate, but also affects the economic benefits of the breeder farm. Therefore, raising the fertilization rate of breeding eggs can effectively increase the number of feeding chicks and maximize the utilization potential of

Sprayer tips and spray tips

In order to ensure the use of failure and prolong the life of the sprayer, and in order to ensure the safety of the staff. The sprayer must be checked before and after use, and certain precautions must be observed during the spraying process. Before the operation, check whether the components

How should the orchard be managed in April

Nutritional supply: Apply organic fertilizer early and combine with topdressing fertilizer in a timely manner. It is required to carry out immediately after topdressing, and it should be poured thoroughly to meet the water requirement for fruit tree growth and blooming. At the same time, t

The prevention of wheat bush dwarf disease

1. Remove weeds and eliminate the source of poison. 2. Wheat is flat, and it is well-arranged to avoid nesting with grasses. 3. Intensive farming, elimination of the living environment of Laodelphax striatellus, reducing the source of poisons and insects. Properly postponed the sowing time in

Spring mushroom breeding to prevent pest damage

As the temperature gradually rises, various pests that endanger the edible fungus are frequent and do not take timely measures to prevent and control, which will seriously affect the yield and quality of the edible fungus.
Mushrooms and Mushrooms mainly feed on mycelium and fruit bodies,