It can control cotton bollworm without medicine

Pharmacy control is the main measure to control the occurrence of cotton bollworm in production, but as an auxiliary measure, comprehensive use of some agronomic measures can often also receive good control results.
1. Pruning and Pruning: In the cotton buds' boll period, the tops of

Apricot fruit plum storage production preservation

First, apricot fruit storage and preservation of fresh produce (A) of the different varieties of tolerance of apricot fruit can be mature, fruit color, meat, meat nuclei adhesion, hair and other classification. Divided by meat quality, there are water apricots, meat apricots, and apricots. Aqu

New concept of pig rearing

The new swine engineering process integrating the physiology, ecology, behavior, and habits of pigs meets the biological characteristics of pigs and the environmental requirements for life activities and meets animal welfare requirements. The technical process and facilities include: "

Feeding technology for special wild boars

1. The design of the pen quarters is divided into nest rooms and outer nest rooms. The Liwo Room is a place for wild boars to eat and sleep. The area is about 3.5 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. The outer nest room is a place for exercise, sun exposure and drinking water. It has a drinking tr

Winter maize cultivation technology

First, choose a good winter base (1) climatic conditions. There are many areas in Chuxiong Prefecture that are warm in winter and frost-free or short-lived with frost all year round. Riversides, river valleys, and heat dams below 1,100 meters above sea level, the average annual temperature is

Meat dog breeding management technology

Dogs cleaning out-of-purchase dogs regularly spray insecticides and remove parasites. In the summer, wash the kennel with water and gently wash the dog body with water, but brush the dog body with a brush to remove floating hair and swabs. The brush should be used by each dog alone.
The k

Winter chickens seven attention

First, cold and warm. The cold winter weather has caused many inconveniences to the production of chickens. In particular, the effect of low temperatures on laying hens is very obvious. Under normal circumstances, the breeding density can be increased appropriately, doors and windows can be cl