Pear wine processing technology

1. Technological process Raw material selection → raw material processing → main fermentation → post-fermentation → transfer pool → storage → deployment → gluing → changing pool → freezing → filtration → bottling and

How to test the flatness of food cans?

Now the entire market is entering the era of intelligence, and for the canned food packaging, it also faces the opportunities and challenges brought by intelligence. Here we will talk about some specific manifestations of the fla

Fine discrimination of watermelon cotton false seeds

Watermelon and cotton are one of the important cash crops. Some farmers in the production reflected that sometimes there were a few miscellaneous strains in the watermelon seedlings, or the cotton sometimes had low seedlings. These may be related to seed quality. Production should pay attentio

Breeding of salmon seedlings is the best time for autumn

Carp is the most widely distributed and highest yielding freshwater fish in China. It is the most appropriate time to use a family of aquaculture ponds to breed eel fry in the autumn. Can adapt to the needs of spring stocking, shorten the fry breeding cycle, increase production. Now introduce

How to plant a good autumn sowing film garlic

Choosing the fine varieties of autumn sowing garlic should choose varieties with wide adaptability, hi light and cold resistance, robust growth, high convulsions, and high yield of garlic bulbs and garlic sprouts. It is the key to obtain high yield and harvest of garlic sprouts and garlic head

Use diesel cooling water with caution

To make the diesel engine run normally and disperse the large amount of heat that the fuel supply system burns to work, cooling water is required to circulate heat. Currently, well water or tap water is commonly consumed in urban and rural areas. As a result, urban and rural motorcycle drivers

Harvesting and processing of several rhizome herbs

Roots and roots herbs, timely harvesting and the correct processing method is an important link to ensure high yield, high quality and meet medical requirements. First, Campanulaceae is also known as red flower, perennial herb, root medicine. It is generally harvested in the second and third y