Red sand salted egg processing and sales

Red sand and salted eggs are one of the economic pillar industries in the Honghu region. Red sand and salted egg processing technology is introduced as follows, for egg product processors, housewives, and wealth-free people to learn from. (1) Raw material selection Select fresh, undamaged, and

Crab Technology in Rice Fields

First, dig a good supporting ditch, and build anti-escape facilities. Crabs in paddy fields must be selected from the rice fields that are convenient for entry and exit, have strong water storage capacity, and do not flood with rising water, with 2-10 acres each. Dig a circular groove about 2

U.S. Invented Fusarium Blight Detection Technique

The American Agricultural Research Service (ARS) recently invented a new DNA testing method to make it easier to determine the cause of Fusarium ear blight in the grain (FHB fungus type, which is the first time to confirm the major pathogens of the gallbladder disease simultaneously. , and to

Maintenance and Maintenance of Shed Film

For greenhouse greenhouse films that are not used for a long time, in order to ensure that their performance is not affected during use, users are advised to perform maintenance and storage according to the following methods: Seal with a thicker package and lay flat in

Domesticated fish quickly came to power

In recent years, with the continuous development of fish farming technology, the method of raising fish with full-priced pellet feed has gradually been applied. However, due to the fact that many fish farmers are not allowed to feed their fish, they have not known how to take the fish for gran

Application of Vitamin C in Broiler Chickens

1, vitamin C and stress

Scientists in Nigeria add Vc to the meat of chickens in tropical climates. At the same feed supply, deaths were significantly reduced and body weights were significantly increased in the diets with Vc compared to non-added chickens. They believe that a Vc conte

Navel orange preservation technology

After harvesting, graded navel oranges should be immersed for 1 minute in 800-1000 times the “fresh treasure” or “Tecdo” solution. After removing them, store them in a cool, well-ventilated place for 1-2 days. After the fruit surface is dried, it is stored in the storag

Virus-free fruit saplings

High-quality fruit tree virus-free cultivation is an agricultural high-tech. Practice has shown that cultivation of virus-free fruit trees can increase yields by more than 30% without increasing input, and can significantly improve the quality of fruit trees.
Virus disease is the enemy of

Agricultural machinery maintenance knowledge

Common knowledge of agricultural machinery maintenance: Six methods for energy saving of agricultural diesel engines
1. Improve the temperature of diesel engine cooling water The normal water temperature of agricultural diesel engine is 65-95°C. However, the current temperature of dies