There are many varieties of edible fungi suitable for planting in the high temperature period. However, due to the high temperature in summer in our province in recent years, the climate change is abnormal, which also brings many difficulties for production. According to the practice experience of the past few years, the edible fungi that can be cultivated in the high temperature period are: straw mushroom, ganoderma lucidum, oyster mushroom, hair fungus, coprinus comatus, high-temperature mushroom and other varieties. Straw mushroom is a kind of high-temperature resistant variety. The suitable growth and development temperature of mycelium is 22°C-32°C, and the mushrooming temperature is 24°C-35°C. It can be grown in the province from May to October. Its raw material There are wheat straw, straw, corn stalks, mushroom cultivation materials and other materials. Ganoderma lucidum is a kind of medicinal bacterium which is more resistant to high temperature. Its mycelium growth and development temperature is 22°C-32°C. The growth and development temperature of fruiting body is 18°C-35°C. It can grow in our province from April to October. Pleurotus ostreatus is the main cultivated strain in our province, with many varieties and high technical level. Some high-temperature resistant varieties can normally produce mushrooms in high temperature period. At present, the high-temperature oyster mushrooms that are popularized mainly include Suyin No.6, Yare No.1, Volvo No.1, and High-temperature No.1, but it is necessary to pay attention to disease prevention and pest control during production. The suitable growth temperature of the auricular mycelia is 22°C-28°C, and the growth temperature of the fruiting body is 15°C-32°C. During the summer of our province, the fungus can grow normally under certain conditions. Coprinus comatus is also a relatively high temperature resistant variety, and its mushrooming temperature is 10°C-34°C. Some varieties are more resistant to high temperatures and can still produce mushrooms at temperatures above 25°C. High-temperature mushroom, mainly refers to big and brown mushrooms. Compared with Agaricus bisporus, it has strong resistance and high temperature resistance. During the high-temperature period, local edible mushroom producers can select appropriate varieties for planting according to the needs of the local market and their own cultivation techniques, strengthen management, and increase the efficiency of mushroom production.

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