If the power plug cannot be directly plugged and unplugged after the disinfection cabinet is installed, an all-pole disconnect device for ensuring at least 3mm contact opening distance of the standing appliance should be installed in front of the power socket to control the power supply of the disinfection cabinet. On and off.

Pay attention to the following points when using:

1. The tableware should be washed and drained before being placed in a disinfection cabinet for disinfection, which can shorten the disinfection time and reduce the power consumption.

2. Plastics and other high temperature resistant tableware can not be placed in the high temperature disinfection cabinet. Food utensils with temperature less than 80 °C can not be placed in the low temperature disinfection cabinet to avoid damage to the utensils.

3. It is best not to put the colored porcelain utensils in the high-temperature disinfection cabinet. When the colored porcelain utensils are put into the tableware disinfection cabinet for disinfection, it will release toxic lead and cadmium and other heavy metals, which endanger human health. Because ceramic bowls, plates, cylinders, pots, etc. are in the glaze, their enamel and pigments contain toxic heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. Usually, these substances are relatively stable, but they are prone to overflow when exposed to high temperatures. The high temperature utensil disinfection cabinet can work up to 200 °C under working conditions. Foods that are often placed in the sterilized porcelain in these sterilizers can cause food contamination and health hazards.

4. Bowls, dishes, cups and other tableware should be placed vertically on the shelf, preferably not stacked to ensure disinfection.

5. Only after closing the door, can the disinfection cabinet work to avoid ozone leakage and ultraviolet radiation.

6. When disinfecting the tableware disinfection cabinet, it is forbidden to open the cabinet door. Do not open the cabinet door immediately after disinfection. The high temperature disinfection cabinet should open the cabinet door after 20 minutes of disinfection (ozone, UV disinfection cabinet for 10 minutes). One can make the disinfection better, and secondly, it can avoid ozone leakage and burns.

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