Controlling Techniques of Spring Maize Mites

Corn borer is corn borer. The current spring corn is in the late stage of the heart and leaves (trumpet period), this period is the best time to prevent corn borer.
Most of the newly hatched corn borer larvae in the bell-mouth period crawled into the heart tuber, and they took in the

Early Spring Fruit Pest Control Technology

When spring comes back to the earth, everything recovers. At the same time that the fruit trees are awakening, many kinds of pests are just around the corner and they begin to worship.
I. Occurrence of apple pests (1)
1, rot disease in late February into the peak of onset, lesion

The breeding of guppies

First, the life of the guppies: The short-term and beautiful guppies have always been considered to have the vitality of the fish species, but its life is quite short, with an average of only about a year or so. However, it is rare that some improved varieties can survive more than one year. T

How to Store Chemical Fertilizer in Rainy Season

Under normal circumstances, there are three ways of storing chemical fertilizers: warehouse storage, stockpile storage, and open storage. In the rest of the season, warehouse storage should generally be the mainstay. The Kunei must be ventilated and cooled, and it must be dry and moisture-