New cultivation of fruit trees

First, pest control

It mainly controls red and white spiders, leaf miners, leaf roller moths, aphids, and early deciduous diseases. Prevention of red and white spiders with 1.8% schizophyllan 5,000 times, alone to control red spider use Acarus, green cyclone and other acaricides, t

Five pigs in summer must be

The hot summer weather and high humidity make it easy to cause a lot of adverse effects on the pig industry. The critical temperature for pig heat stress is 33°C-35°C. When the temperature in the pighouse continuously reaches or exceeds the critical temperature for 2-3 days, pigs can

Squid dry processing method

(1) Back cut The squid was washed and back sectioned. Method of operation: Place the fish on a wooden board and hold the fish body in one hand. The fish is back up and the abdomen is down. A knife from the bottom of the shark's fin with the knife into the spine, and smoothly along the bone

Bean sprouts brewing method

After bean sprouts are brewed, they are sweet and sour. They are crisp and tender. The taste is more delicious than fresh bean sprouts. It is very popular among people, and the storage time is relatively prolonged and it is not easy to degenerate. The bean sprouts brewing method is introduced

Cultivation techniques of red meat navel orange

Red meat navel orange is also known as Caracalla navel orange.

1. Adaptability and Suitable Planting Area: The heat conditions are good. The navel orange with a large temperature difference between late October and November before fruit ripening is suitable for planting, and winter fr

Wheat fly

Scientific name Meromyza saltatrix Linnaeus Diptera, Syringidae. Distribution from the north of Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, south to Guizhou, Yunnan, West Xinjiang, Tibet. Hainan in Qinghai, Ganzi in Sichuan, and the Aba region also occ

Post-water flooding of maize

Due to the failure of timely sowing of corn or natural disasters such as flooding in the early stage of childbearing, it affects the growth and development of plants and delays the maturity period. In order to harvest timely, it can be used to promote the ripening method, shorten its growth pe

Roots and branches of honeysuckle

Select the roots of 2~3 year old plants with strong plant type, uniform hair roots, large root diameter, dark green stems and leaves, and no pests and diseases. Dig 1/3 of roots of each plant as roots and dig. After rooting, the original plan

Do not use pesticides on hot, noon summer days

In general, the effect of applying a positive temperature coefficient pesticide on crop pests and diseases is relatively high as the temperature rises. This is because when the temperature is high, pest activity is enhanced, metabolism is accelerated accordingly, and the chance and quantity of