Treatment of non-estrus sows

Sows that are not oestrus for more than 7 days after weaning and gilts that are younger than their mating age but are not oestrus can change the environmental conditions by changing the barns, regrouping groups, and increasing exercise, etc., in conjunction with enhanced nutrition and boar sed

Hand-held tractor out of order

1. Hang up the 2nd gear and reverse gear at the same time. On the left side of the gearbox (looking forward from the hand to the front), turn one bolt (M8x25) to fasten the bearing cap and use a round steel with a length of 180 mm and a diameter of 4 mm. Put it into the bolt hole and align

Non-Chemical Prevention of Stored Food Pests

There are 14 kinds of pests in stored grain, among which there are five species of cornivorous elephants, corn elephants, rice elephants, grain hoppers, and wheat moths that are harmful to cereals. The sawn thief, tyrants from the valley, the Longhorn priests and the valley thief , Indian

Greenhouse vegetables guard against "eight evils"

Fertilizer harm: The harm caused by improper fertilizer application to vegetable seedlings. The initial stage of fertilizer damage starts from the lower leaves and wilts at noon. It can be recovered sooner or later, and it is also difficult to recover in severe cases sooner or later. The r

Experts review the healthiest diet mix

Many people think that food is delicious and nutritious. It is hard to imagine that food also has side effects. Have you discovered it? Eat fried foods are easy to make hemorrhoids, eat more meat, body odor becomes unpleasant, spicy foods eat more heartburn feelings, these are the side eff

How can the timely mating of sows be done well?

The timely mating of sows not only can prevent the sow from being missed, but also can increase the fertility of the sow, and thus increase the economic benefits of raising pigs. Here to talk about how to do a timely job breeding sows for reference. 1, initial match age and inducement. Sows wi