The timely mating of sows not only can prevent the sow from being missed, but also can increase the fertility of the sow, and thus increase the economic benefits of raising pigs. Here to talk about how to do a timely job breeding sows for reference. 1, initial match age and inducement. Sows with 10 months of age and weighing about 100 kilograms are the most suitable species for months and body weight. In the two months before mating, the sow should be contacted with the boar and contacted once a day for a period of 30 minutes, with a minimum of 3-5 days per person. If the male and female pigs are separated for a long period of time, the female sows may refuse to mate or show that the sow is not estrus at the time of breeding. In this case, you must be tempted. 2, the identification of estrus sows. When the sow reaches the age and weight of the maternal, it is necessary to fix the person responsible for feeding the pig and excrement on a daily basis. Observe and observe changes in the vulva of the sow. If the sow's pus is bigger and swollen than usual, some pigs must be close when the person enters the circle. Man, indicating that the sow has started estrus. The breeder can also identify the sow's vulva vagina by hand. If it is dry, it means that the pig is not in heat; if there is liquid but no sense of smoothness, it means that the urine; if there is a sense of greasy but also pull up the filament, is the vaginal mucus , indicating sow estrus. 3, the timing of breeding. One day after the estrus, the pus was shrinking and dark red. The vulvar mucus became thick and thin, changing from milky white to yellowish, and when the phenomenon of drowsy and touching the back of the hindquarters appeared, they could breed. The above phenomenon generally occurs on the second day of heat. 4. Select the appropriate breeding method. As long as the estrus identification is accurate, sows can be made pregnant by using artificial insemination or natural mating. Since the estrus of the first-mating sow and the timely breeding technique are not easy to grasp, it is better to use the trial to publicize the natural mating. The artificial insemination after the initial ration can greatly increase the breeding rate of sows. In general, one love period can be used for breeding twice, with an interval of 8-12 hours.

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